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How we design enterprise software
"Inspired by teams at Buzzfeed, Airbnb and Shopify among others, we recently documented our product design workflow. We’re not the first to blog about our workflow but I think it is a useful exercise as it forces us to write it down, share it and critique it."
webdesign  webdevelopment  process  bestpractice 
3 days ago by garrettc
The 6-Step "Happy Path" to HTTPS
It's finally time: it's time the pendulum swings further towards the "secure by default" end of the scale than what it ever has before. At least insofar as securing web traffic goes because as of this week's Chrome 62's launch, any website with an input box is now
security  https  ssl  http  bestpractice  worldwideweb  devops  sysadmin 
4 days ago by garrettc
Zeroing the desk
" I'm writing this piece after delivering the final, definitely final, absolutely final iteration of a new project for a client over the weekend. The temptation now is to immediately jump fully into one of the other projects I have on, firing up Sublime and jamming away on the code until I beat it into a form that I may find acceptable.

Yet I don’t do that.

Instead I take a moment — usually a day — and zero the desk "
productivity  bestpractice 
5 days ago by garrettc
Azure virtual machine security best practices
This article provides a variety of security best practices to be used in virtual machines located in Azure.
azure  security  bestpractice  windows  server 
6 days ago by berberich
Network security best practices
This article provides a set of best practices for network security using built in Azure capabilities.
azure  networking  bestpractice  security 
6 days ago by berberich

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