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RA: Label of the month: Basic Channel
Robert Henke: I believe a very essential part was this idea of a flow. Potentially something that has no end or no beginning. So many Basic Channel tracks basically fade in and fade out. There is not so much change going on in terms of structure, but there's a lot of what I might call tectonic changes, where large plates are slowly moving towards each other and colliding and shifting. So this music, which on the surface seems to be just simple and repetitive, you listen to it for five minutes and then you notice nothing is where it was before and the mix is completely different. To me, this is one of the big musical achievements of that time. To come up with a rhythmic electronic type of music that really is based on slight shifts in color, in accents, in materials, which gives it this feeling of timelessness.
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Neue Serie: Braucht Berlin einen 13. Bezirk? Visionen für die Großstadt der Zukunft - Berlin - Aktuelle Nachrichten - Berliner Morgenpost
Berlin wird voller. In den Innenstadt-Bezirken fehlt Baugrund für Wohnen, Schulen, Freizeit. Wie kann die Stadt wachsen?
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4 days ago by lehmannro
5 unique day trips not to miss from Berlin | Not a nomad blog
Whether you're looking for nature or culture, monuments or mealtime, these unique day trips from Berlin are a seriously great way to round out your experience in eastern Germany. Plus they're all less than two hours away!
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