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Darwin alert! - someone's just shredded a £40k Banksy print...
Today, received a seller enquiry via our website from someone who has taken it upon themselves to shred their own Girl With Balloon print in order to increase its value. They have taken a piece of art worth roughly £40,000 and in our opinion made its value £1.
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3 days ago by terry
Please don’t shred your own Banksy print unless you want it to be worth £1
Unfortunately, this is a warning that has already been given but apparently ignored. On October 6th, online art auction platform MyArtBroker tweeted it had “a number of #Banksy print owners contact us today asking if they shred their artwork will it be worth more.” Two days later MyArtBroker claimed someone did just that — shredded a limited edition “Girl with Balloon” print in order to try and raise the value of the work.
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3 days ago by terry
Myth busting Banksy
I believe that while Sotheby’s was likely not fully aware of what was going to happen, they had a suspicion that something was up and played along for the sake of theater. To minimize the disruption, they put the Banksy work last, but until the shredded work scrolled out the bottom of the frame, the exact nature of the prank was not clear to them. I suspect that Sotheby’s knowledge was limited to knowing something harmless was up that potentially could benefit them as a PR stunt.

It would be analogous to Banksy holding a giant sign with tape on it and Sotheby’s noticing this and graciously winking and turning around so it could be placed on their back. Sotheby’s then acted surprised when others pointed out that the sign read “kick me” and claimed to have been “Banksy’d” and then soaked up the press.  
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3 days ago by terry
Please don’t shred your own Banksy print unless you want it to be worth £1 - The Verge
"This is all to say... don’t shred your own Banksy prints and expect to get the same results. Unfortunately [...] someone did just that [...] “We have refused to list this item for a number of reasons,” said MyArtBroker. “One of them being we just can’t believe the stupidity involved and the opportunistic vandalism.”"
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4 days ago by niksilver
RT : lässt Bilder sich selbst zerstören? Darüber kann nur müde lächeln. Er erzählte uns bereits…
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4 days ago by springfeld
Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Fetching $1.4 Million at Sotheby’s - The New York Times
Banksy pronounced the painting “going, going, gone” on his Instagram account, quoting Picasso: “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” (The quote is often attributed to Picasso, but also to Mikhail Bakunin, the Russian anarchist who died five years before Picasso was born.)
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6 days ago by michlr
Banksy auction stunt leaves art world in shreds
“The auction result will only propel this further and given the media attention this stunt has received, the lucky buyer would see a great return on the £1.02m they paid last night. This is now part of art history in its shredded state and we’d estimate Banksy has added at a minimum 50% to its value, possibly as high as being worth £2m plus.”
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7 days ago by terry
Banksy Bought My House
A funny story of an artist trying to be anonymous
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7 days ago by nelson

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