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Tinkering with affinitybyserif photo. 😋😊🧡 Thinking 💭 about love ❤️ the universe and everything 😘
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4 weeks ago by sneakerpeet
And the winner of our office costume contest is... this epic compilation! 🖼✂️💐🍌🔫☔️🎈❤️💯…
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5 weeks ago by ry4an
The Anarchy, Piety and Celebrity of Banksy’s Auto-Destructive Prank | Frieze
What a brief history of creative destruction reveals about the Sotheby’s shredding stunt
art  destruction  artmarket  banksy 
6 weeks ago by yhancik
Banksys geschreddertes Bild: Zu früh auf den Knopf gedrückt?
Somehow it's an even better expression of his point about the art market: he tried to destroy it at the moment of sale but only succeeded in creating another work.
7 weeks ago by yorksranter
Be the change you want to see, travel green.
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7 weeks ago by loco2
Darwin alert! - someone's just shredded a £40k Banksy print...
Today, received a seller enquiry via our website from someone who has taken it upon themselves to shred their own Girl With Balloon print in order to increase its value. They have taken a piece of art worth roughly £40,000 and in our opinion made its value £1.
art  banksy 
8 weeks ago by terry

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