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The Chron keeps pounding that "blue wave" nail. #BadMedia
Of course, there's no evidence it's happening. only wishful thinking of far-left political activists such as Tameez.
12 days ago by NoUpgrades
A dumb story on dumb laws. #BadMedia
The test of the story says "" is part of the problem, but every picture sources ""

Not ideal Chron.
BadMedia  ChronBlog 
14 days ago by NoUpgrades
Funny coming from one of the most self-unaware columnists in America. #BadMedia
"Awareness is a good thing. I recommend it, and often, in this column. But it goes both ways."

Yes it does Lisa, yes it does.
22 days ago by NoUpgrades
No, George P's biggest problem is that he's done a poor job. #BadMedia #TexasPolitics
Still, Bringing senile old guy Patterson back to run the Office is a worse idea.
BadMedia  TexasPolitics 
6 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
The revisionist history on "nipplegate" is astonishing. #BadMedia
Janet Jackson was rightly panned. At that point she was a fading star who was desperately trying to revive a moribund career.

She thought showing skin would accomplish that, it backfired.
6 weeks ago by NoUpgrades

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