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At some point 'reporting' devolves into 'wishful thinking'. #BadMedia
These should honestly be listed as in-kind donations.

Prediction: The Republicans win both races handily.
5 days ago by NoUpgrades
The Editorial Bleg. Houston Chronicle #ShutterTheEdBoard
Of course, a local newspaper would have to actually play a watchdog role, which the Houston Chronicle has shown no interest in doing.

This is pretty horrible.
BadMedia  ChronBlog 
6 days ago by NoUpgrades
Odd thing for a newspaper columnist to do. #BadMedia
I'm guessing she's getting closer and closer to the tipping point.

How long until she resigns in fury I wonder?
13 days ago by NoUpgrades
The lies we tell ourselves. #BadMedia
Unfortunately, Democrats don’t have a similarly impressive candidate for governor. Lupe Valdez, the former sheriff of Dallas County, won her party’s nomination despite a stumbling performance on the campaign trail and a strikingly shallow grasp of state government issues. Valdez’s limp responses to some of the issues posed to her during the campaign raise serious questions about whether she’s up to the task.

More on the "real races" come November, but noting this for the moment when the Ed Board endorses Lupe Valdez.
20 days ago by NoUpgrades
This is the dumbest column Grieder has ever written. #BadMedia
Calling the NRA "bullies" against the government is the epitome of stupid.

Who has the power here?

This is the last Grieder column I'm quoting. She's just too erratic to pay any attention to.
20 days ago by NoUpgrades
We're getting to a point where no one can in a film, ever. #BadMedia
Notice people didn't freak out about the fridging in that horrific piece of crap Atomic Blonde?
26 days ago by NoUpgrades
None of the "good reforms" touted here would have prevented this tragedy. #BadMedia
"It ends with good reforms - restricting sales of military-style assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, more effective gun storage requirements, stronger background checks"

/Except, and Lisa knows this, it doesn't end there. It's irresponsible of her to say otherwise.
27 days ago by NoUpgrades
Amazed how many reporters think there was no sports betting prior to Monday. #BadMedia
If they're so wrong on one issue, why do you assume they're so correct on others?
4 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
The Issue Is Liberty, Not Gambling. WSJ
"The pundit-moralists who claim the Court has legalized sports gambling are ignorant of the law"

//-Leave it to the Journal to get it right.
4 weeks ago by NoUpgrades

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