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In most cases, without these Billionaires, said print media would cease to exist. #BadMedia
Also, this:

“Even good billionaires need to have less of a role in our public life,” said Anand Giridharadas, author of “Winners Take All,” a new book about the global elite. “They are buying up the free press, which is meant to hold them accountable.”

//- to a point. Their main job should be to watchdog the government, and hold THEM accountable as well.

Too many publications (Hi Houston Chronicle!!) focus on private industry while giving government, especially local government, a pass.
15 hours ago by NoUpgrades
The Chron again reminds you that they think you are stupid because a few people were. #BadMedia
Proving once again that you miss nothing when you cancel your subscription to this rag.
BadMedia  ChronBlog 
yesterday by NoUpgrades
Twitter "furor" is not really "furor". #BadMedia
It's angry people with too much time on their hands throwing a fit.
6 days ago by NoUpgrades
Shorter Grieder: Waaaah!! Dan Patrick won't talk to the Chronicle. #ShutterTheEdBoard #BadMedia #ChronBlog
She tries to say it's other things, but you just KNOW it's that. Republicans owe a great debt to Perry, who was the first to blow off editorial boards.
BadMedia  ChronBlog 
12 days ago by NoUpgrades
Deadspin continues to eviscerate the competition. #BadMedia
Professional sports blogging needs to pass away though.
14 days ago by NoUpgrades
I'm not entirely sure why this is news. #BadMedia
Adults went to a strip club, spent their own money.

Who cares?
21 days ago by NoUpgrades
If the Republic is not bigger than one man we truly are screwed. #BadMedia
The hand-wringing over the death of bipartisanship is disgusting.
21 days ago by NoUpgrades
Someone got drunk and high and said stupid things. Not news. #BadMedia
Nor is it especially racist, but now she'll be called one and shouted down as one her entire life.

That said, given her statements she could be a bitch.
5 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
How will 5G technology change Houston? (Hint: It won't) #BadMedia
This is more an advertisement for Verizon than it is a news story.
6 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
Oh no #Texans fans, Weeden is another "Pre-Season All-Pro, as was Tom Savage. #BadMedia

On another note, this is why the Texans moved pre-season to West Virginia. They can totally control the message which the Chron and other media outlets are willing to let them do.
6 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
Election be damned, Houston is GOING to collect this money. #HALV
That's pretty much the take-away here.

And Morris' historical revisionist history that "engineers" (not politicians) collected those signatures.

"Engineers, long upset with what they saw as City Hall’s chronic underinvestment in Houston’s drainage systems, gathered signatures in 2010 to force a referendum that would enshrine a two-decade, $8 billion infrastructure renewal program in the city charter."

That's funny.
HALV  BadMedia 
6 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
It will be nice when we finally get to the point where all media has their say and this runs it's course. #BadMedia
We get it, you don't like Trump. We're now at the point where bad ed boards are just trying to out outrage each other.
9 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
if only out-of-state money were votes. #BadMedia #BadPolitics
But some Democratic pol gave his red-state father-in-law (what is that anyway?) a bumper sticker so Beto!!!
BadMedia  BadPolitics 
9 weeks ago by NoUpgrades
More bad reporting on sports gambling. #BadMedia
These scandals happened when gambling was, largely, illegal. Legalized gaming will help, not hurt, this situation.
11 weeks ago by NoUpgrades

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