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[...] In this FAQ we will be exploring the basic questions people usually have about FreeMcBoot. What Can I do? What Can't I do? Can I play Backup DVDs? Can I load backups from a hard drive? From a USB Drive? Can I use an emulator? We'll cover all that, and more. Best of all, the answers to most of these questions came straight from /r/PS2 users like you! Thanks for being such an awesome community, you guys! [...]
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3 days ago by ezequiel
"Launch App" in ESR gui?
A: [...] Like Berion implied, this allows uLaunchELF (aka: uLE) or other homebrews started from uLE to access an ESR-patched DVD-R disc (aka: PS2DVDV disc) as if you were using a normal DVD-ROM disc on a modchipped PS2. [...]
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3 days ago by ezequiel

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