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Introducing the BBC Box - BBC R&D
BBC R&D is exploring new ways of storing and using data, especially personal data, and the potential benefits they could bring.
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2 hours ago by corrickwales
DiverCity is coming to Brum!
Riding high from its success in BBC Wales, DiverCity is continuing its tour across our nations and regions, and will be coming to BBC Birmingham for two days from 3-4 July. The event will take a collective look at two of the biggest issues facing our industry, diversity and inclusion - with a jam-packed programme to get everyone talking, thinking and doing. We’ll be releasing a full programme shortly!
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10 hours ago by paulbradshaw
RELIQUARY: Nazareth - At The Beeb (1998 Reef Recordings) [SBD]
'At The Beeb'
(1998 Reef Recordings : SRDCD707)
BBC, London, England
Recordings 1972 / 1977
Soundboard (Pre-FM) Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
bbc  radio  SBD  nazareth  music  70s  download  bootlegs  uk 
22 hours ago by rgl7194
The Guardian view on the BBC: a broadcaster, not a welfare agency
This week the BBC announced that next year most over-75s will have to pay to watch television. This is a wrongheaded and mean policy forced upon the BBC by former Conservative chancellor George Osborne, who should not have been allowed to load the cost of his damaging social and economic policies on to the corporation. Even worse, the Conservative government has broken a 2017 election promise that the licence fee would remain free to pensioners over the age of 75 for the duration of this parliament. It is the politics of the absurd for Downing Street to ask the BBC to revisit a “disappointing” decision after forcing the broadcaster to enact a policy the Conservative party had promised it would block.

Mr Osborne’s licence fee wheeze was to compel the corporation to agree to shouldering the expense out of its own £4bn licence fee income. But handing out free licences would have placed an ever-growing burden on the BBC’s finances. If it were to allow over-75s to continue watching for free then the BBC would have to have found about half a billion pounds in savings. That figure alone should put pay to the idea that somehow a few celebrity salaries could be cut to fill the gap. Mr Osborne and his ilk in the Conservative party do not care one jot for the potential extraordinary reputational risk the BBC faces. Such Tories perhaps have never thought much of the idea of universal public services; cared little about enriching democratic debate and informing citizens; or about the cultural consumption patterns of the nation.
by:TheGuardian  from:TheGuardian  BBC  Conservatives  politics  tax 
2 days ago by owenblacker
BBC - Future - How modern life is transforming the human skeleton
This has led to a discipline known as “osteobiography" – literally “the biography of bones” – which involves looking at a skeleton to find out how its owner lived.
bones  anatomy  bbc  wtf  science  future  doom 
2 days ago by ignatz

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