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Deutschland AG sticks with Xinjiang despite Uighurs mistreatment
The company has insisted that its Urumqi plant stands completely outside the Xinjiang camp system, and benefits the local population. A quarter of the 650 workers there belong to ethnic minorities, it said, and all of them have a direct employment contract: “We assume that there is no forced labour,” VW said.
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Join us this weekend for Kids' Lab: The pHun Factor, where young scientists (ages 6-12) will explore the pH s…
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BASF and America’s Farmers Sound the Climate Change Alarm - Bloomberg
Most investors will focus on the comments about the global economy, but the warning about extreme weather is equally unnerving. Last year, low water levels on the Rhine reduced BASF’s profit by 250 million euros. This year, the company is struggling because heavy rainfall across the American Midwest has severely hampered the planting of important crops, and hence reduced demand for chemical crop protection products.
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A Campaign for BASF - The New York Times
Its name is well enough known. In almost every brand awareness test, its 14-year-old North American commercial tagline -- "We don't make a lot of the products you buy. We make a lot of the products you buy better" -- ranks among the most recognized corporate slogans.
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