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Bosch acquires B2B rideshare startup SPLT and establishes mobility service arm | TechCrunch
Bosch has acquired a ridesharing startup called SPLT that offered employers, universities and municipal authorities workforce-focused ridesharing services to help them offer shared commute as a means of increasing convenience and alleviating route congestion. Bosch, a leading global automotive industry supplier, is also establishing a new dedicated mobility services division, a sign of the changing times and nature of the automotive space.

The SPLT acquisition is a cornerstone piece of its new focus on mobility services, with the aim of offering everything from shared rides in cars to company buses on the same, easy to use platform with end user smartphone apps and easy ride booking. SPLT will continue to operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch post acquisition close.
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46 minutes ago by dancall
Future Transport: How is London responding to technological innovation | London City Hall
Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) or driverless cars won't be on the road until the 2030s at least and could add to congestion
Dockless cycle schemes need to be able to operate across London to be effective
There is no control system in place for drones and droids
TfL is monitoring technological developments but this needs to be embedded across the whole organisation
robots  automotive  trends  future  predictions 
3 hours ago by dancall
Put Driverless Cars Back in the Slow Lane | RealClearPolicy
Even taking Waymo’s numbers at face value, there’s little reason to believe that driverless cars are remotely as safe as human drivers. It’s difficult to translate these statistics into a judgment about the relative safety of autonomous cars. Comparing reported disengagements to human crashes is misleading, since not all disengagements situations would have led to a crash if uncorrected. To allow for a more direct comparison, Waymo estimated “simulated contacts,” or the number of disengagements that would have likely led to crashes. Based on these data, last reported in 2015, Google/Waymo vehicles would’ve crashed .02 times per 1,000 miles driven without testers. Generously assuming that the crash rate halved since 2015, Waymo vehicles are still far more dangerous than human drivers. 
selfdrivingvehicles  automotive  safety  review  critique  RealClearPolicy  2018 
2 days ago by inspiral
Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory: Automotive Electronics Books
The books listed below cover topics of interest to automotive and vehicular electronics engineers. Books without an active link may be out of print; however many of them can still be obtained through the booksellers listed at the bottom of this page. If you know of a book that should be added to this list, please email us at and we'll be happy to add it.
obd2  automotive  books  reference 
3 days ago by euler
Introducing the IAB 250-Powered by Dun & Bradstreet. Direct Brands Worth Watching
We are proud to announce the first IAB 250-Powered by Dun & Bradstreet. This first-of-its-kind analysis pinpoints the most important Direct Brands to watch in the US economy.
Selected through screening hard economic attributes, derived from Dun & Bradstreet’s data set of more than 290 million business records, and cultural impact provided by a variety of data sources such as site traffic, social media footprint, media mentions and more.
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5 days ago by dancall
GM expands Maven car sharing to Toronto | TechCrunch
GM has launched its first major international city for its Maven car sharing product. The service is going live in Toronto, Canada’s largest city by population, with rates beginning at $9 per hour which include gas and insurance coverage. The launch follows a prior pilot in the Waterloo region nearby, but Toronto is the first launch at scale Maven has undertaken outside of the U.S.  since launching two years ago.

The car sharing service began as a sort of internal startup at GM, spinning up with leadership from a number of other shared-use consumer vehicle platforms, including Zipcar. The model is similar, too, offering round trip, on-demand use of cars with convenient pick-up locations dotting parking spots among popular city neighbourhoods.
automotive  cities  future 
5 days ago by dancall
Gensler and Reebok reimagine US gas stations as gyms
Architecture practice Gensler and footwear giant Reebok have revealed a concept to convert American petrol stations into fitness centres that generate energy.
With the goal of creating a country where a gym and restaurant are always within a few miles away, the concept focuses on three different types of US gas stations.
"Each concept is tailored to a different type of gas station in a unique setting, allowing people in locations from rural America to urban cities the opportunity to get fit and eat healthy," Arlyn Vogelmann, a principal at Gensler's Boston office, told Dezeen.
automotive  cities  sportswear  future 
5 days ago by dancall
Semiconductor Engineering .:. Chip Aging Accelerates
Reliability is becoming an increasingly important proof point for new chips as they are rolled out in new markets such as automotive, cloud computing and industrial IoT, but actually proving that a chip will function as expected over time is becoming much more difficult.

In the past, reliability generally was considered a foundry issue. Chips developed for computers and phones lasted an average of two to four years of normal use. After that, functionality began to degrade and users upgraded to the next rev of a product, which boasted more features, better performance and, longer periods between battery charges. But as chips are developed for new markets, or markets where there were less-sophisticated electronics in the past-automotive, machine learning, IoT and IIoT, virtual and augmented reality, home automation, cloud, cryptocurrency mining-this is no longer a simple checklist item.
embedded  automotive  obd2 
6 days ago by euler
The Car Hacker’s Handbook
In 2014, Open Garages—a group of people interested in sharing and collaborating on vehicle security—released the first Car Hacker’s Manual as course material for car hacking classes. The original book was designed to fit in a vehicle’s glove box and to cover the basics of car hacking in a one- or two-day class on auto security. Little did we know how much interest there would be in that that first book: we had over 300,000 downloads in the first week. In fact, the book’s popularity shut down our Internet service provider (twice!) and made them a bit unhappy with us. (It’s okay, they forgave us, which is good because I love my small ISP. Hi!)
automotive  obd2  diagnostics  book 
7 days ago by euler
NVIDIA DRIVE™ CX is a complete hardware and software solution that enables advanced graphics and computer vision for navigation, infotainment, digital instrument clusters, and driver monitoring
NVIDIA  automotive 
7 days ago by negril

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