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Chaos Toolkit - Chaos Engineering Experiments Automation
Aims to be the simplest and easiest way to explore building, and automating, your own Chaos Engineering Experiments.
error-handling  automation  opensource  tools  testing  Kubernetes 
5 hours ago by liqweed
Open Source Tool to Fix Java Coding Style Issues
development  java  tools  automation  codereview  refactor  pmd  checkstyle  sonar 
5 hours ago by jeffjensen
Automatically refactor entire code bases!
automatically refactor code bases.

fix language/API usage in order to deliver smaller, more maintainable, and more expressive code bases.
development  java  tools  automation  codereview  refactor  eclipse  plugin 
5 hours ago by jeffjensen
fabfuel/ecs-deploy: CLI tool to simplify Amazon ECS deployments
ecs-deploy simplifies deployments on Amazon ECS by providing a convinience CLI tool for complex actions, which are executed pretty often.

Key Features:

- support for complex task definitions (e.g. multiple containers & task role)
- easily redeploy the current task definition (including docker pull of eventually updated images)
- deploy new versions/tags or all containers or just a single container in your task definition
- scale up or down by adjusting the desired count of running tasks
- add or adjust containers environment variables
- run one-off tasks from the CLI
- automatically monitor deployments in New Relic
aws  deployment  automation  docker 
15 hours ago by dserodio
Things I’d Like to See Go Away – Fake Personalization
My suggestion would be to be different. Don’t try to fake personalization, but show preparation. Provide a good reason why you are reaching out. Acknowledge if it is truly a first contact. Maybe even open with “I’m not gonna pretend we know each other like everyone else does.” Authenticity can go a long way."
go-to-market  e-mail  marketing  automation  personalization  prospecting  sales  effectiveness 
17 hours ago by jonerp
JavaScript End to End Testing Framework |
Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.
automation  browser  javascript  webdev 
19 hours ago by jayfree
ioBroker is an IoT platform.
Full integration of your equipment with ioBroker.
The ability to manage your IoT system as one intelligent, robust projekt.
Unique graphics and beautiful interfaces for you.
Use one of the best software products for managing your automation system on premise.
ioBroker offers you Smart Home as a Service. (Coming soon)
smarthome  ifttt  iot  home  automation  automate  raspberry  pi  software 
yesterday by sebbi
Nine Eyes of Google Street View | Net Art Anthology
Nine Eyes of Google Street View is both an archival project and a conceptual meditation on the state of photography in a time of automated imagemaking on a massive scale.In 2008, Jon Rafman began to collect screenshots of images from Google Street View. At the time, Street View was a relatively ne...
photography  google  art  archives  2007  automation  car  image  joannemcneil  johnrafman 
yesterday by atran

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