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First helicopter drops of cane toad sausages prompt design tweak
Stinky sausages made of cane toad flesh have been scattered from helicopters in a wide-scale trial that researchers hope will give native animals a fighting chance. The sausages were air-dropped across a remote Kimberley cattle station just ahead of the cane toad frontline. They were developed as part of a taste aversion program to try to prevent native species like quolls from being killed by the toxic toads.
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西亚国家希望将澳大利亚逐出亚足联,澳大利亚的存在是否挤压了国足和西亚进入世界杯的机会? - 知乎


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Should adopt energy? absolutely Yes We need reliable affordable…
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Amazon to block Australians from shopping on its international sites - The Verge
Australian shoppers will find themselves limited to a much smaller Amazon item selection beginning on July 1st. Instead of being able to visit and make purchases from international versions of Amazon’s web store — as most of us can do — they’ll be redirected to the local Australian site. Geoblocking isn’t the only strategy Amazon is taking; and the company’s other sites will no longer ship to Australian addresses as of the same date.

When I say “much smaller,” Amazon’s local Australia site still sells tens of millions of products, but it’s definitely a significantly lesser total than you’d find from Amazon’s US site. Reuters estimates that it offers one-tenth of’s selection. All the basics should be readily available, but this will be a real problem for certain item categories.

The move is the result of Amazon’s unwillingness to cooperate with Australia’s updated GST (goods and services tax), which would require the online retail giant to collect a 10 percent tax on all purchases that are shipped to Australia from overseas; previously the GST only applied to imported items over A$1,000.
amazon  australia  taxes  internet 
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World Cup France vs Australia Spread and Prediction
France are one of the top four favorites to win the World Cup, and they are expected to have a really easy job in their group. They also have a great schedule as they are starting their duties against Australia on Saturday. After that they will play against Peru, before taking on Denmark in the […]

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Terrorism in the Indo-Pacific: Glocalism comes of age
May 2018 ASPI special report
This special report reviews and assesses potential terrorism hotspots in the Indo-Pacific region and offers some policy recommendations for the Australian Government.
aspi  terrorism  indo_pacific  australia 
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has a push for women to help solve the shortage threatening future projects…
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Bank details, TFNs, personal details of job applicants potentially compromised in major PageUp data breach - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The personal details of thousands of Australians have potentially been compromised, with HR company PageUp, which counts Telstra, NAB, Coles, Australia Post, Aldi and Medibank as clients, revealing a massive data breach.
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