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Behrouz Boochani, Manus Island and the book written one text at a time | Australia news | The Guardian
The Kurdish Iranian writer’s book was sent largely via messaging services such as Whatsapp over almost five years
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Paul Cowan > Public: "So, you all (hopefully) saw my photos yesterday;...
So, you all (hopefully) saw my photos yesterday; if you didn't, you may have seen the media coverage about my employer, Google Australia, installing 2 monorail carriages in our new office space yesterday (e.g.
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Macro Musings Blog: The Balance Sheet Recession That Never Happened: Australia
too had a housing boom and debt "bubble". It too had a housing correction in 2008 that affected household balance sheets. This can be seen in the figures below:

Despite the balance sheet pains of 2008, Australia never had a Great Recession. In fact, it sailed through this period as one the few countries to experience solid growth. And, as Scott Sumner notes, it was also buffeted by a collapse in commodity exports during this time. If any country should have experienced a sharp recession in 2008 it should have been Australia.

So why did Australia's balance sheet recession never happen? The answer is that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), unlike the Fed, got out in front of the 2008 crisis. It cut rates early and signaled an expansionary future path for monetary policy. It also helped that the policy rate in Australia was at 7.25 percent when it began to cut interest rates. This meant the central bank could do a lot of interest rate cutting before hitting the zero lower bound (ZLB). So between being more aggressive than the Fed and having more room to work, the RBA staved off the Great Recession.
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yesterday by gimber
Fairfax-Ipsos poll: One key finding proves the Liberals have made a calculation that defies logic
In fact, Morrison has gone slightly backwards. Turnbull led by 48 to 36 per cent.

This is a damning finding for those within the Liberal Party who intensified pressure on Turnbull to the point where Peter Dutton launched a challenge.

Not for nothing are the plotters known as “the gang who couldn’t shoot straight” in some parts of Parliament House.
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