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Rogue Amoeba Airfoil
Wireless audio around your house
streaming  audio  music  RogueAmoeba 
2 hours ago by amoore
Ubuntu Linux — High Quality Sound Processing – Khairil Yusof – Medium
With tools such as Ardour, LV2 plugins such as Calf and JACK Audio Connection Kit, Linux is more than capable for professional audio and music production. For music lovers though, you can also make…
linux  audio  tutorial  howto 
5 hours ago by danesh.manoharan
Quad Delay | Patch Storage
The audio input is fed through 4 delay lines, each with a delay time that is a multiple of a base delay time. The base delay time selectable with the keyboard…. this sounds more complicated than it is, really just a great way to build up a deranged stack of sound. Knobs control feedback.
patch  organelle  audio  music  software  pd 
5 hours ago by brianr
BBC Radio 2 - Radio 2 Rock Show, A celebration of 50 years of Led Zeppelin
A celebration of 50 years of Led Zeppelin
Radio 2 Rock Show
Led Zeppelin is 50 years old this year! So what better way to celebrate than a special show, featuring some of the biggest names in rock paying homage to Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the late great John Bonham.
Hear Brian May, Roger Daltrey, Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons all chat about their own appreciation of rock's ultimate four-piece. Plus, singer Ann Wilson from Heart explains how her band has its origins in Led Zep's back catalogue and how she managed to sing Led Zeppelin's most famous song for the band themselves.
In autumn 1968, Led Zeppelin signed to Atlantic Records. Fifty years later, US rockers Rival Sons just signed to the same label. We hear from them to see what Zeppelin mean to the new generation. Plus, author Dave Lewis recounts his first Led Zeppelin experience and explains why he's followed the band around the world for over forty years.
music  ledzep  anniversary  bbc  radio  interview  audio 
7 hours ago by rgl7194
Sony MDR V6 ( MDR-V6 ) Ear Piece by openfly - Thingiverse
3d printable replacement earcups for sony headphones
sony  headphones  mods  hardware  audio 
8 hours ago by ash

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