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What attracts human is . If the temperature around you changes, if the rings, that gets yo…
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yesterday by egafutura
The Tyranny of Convenience - The New York Times
All the personal tasks in our lives are being made easier. But at what cost?
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4 days ago by timlockridge
The Distracted Mind | The MIT Press
2016, ancient brains and modern technology
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5 days ago by gwijthoff
What the Grayscale Challenge Taught Us About Phone Addiction - Internet Citizen
There’s a lot of talk these days about how addicted we are to our screens. At Mozilla, a few of us tried our own experiment to see if turning our phones to grayscale would change how we interact with our tech. What follows is a conversation among two Mozillians after going gray for a week — Tim, a design practitioner, and Daniel, a brand strategist.
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7 days ago by gpe

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