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Solarized Minimal
Solarized Minimal Syntax Highlighting Theme
coding  theme  color  scheme  atom  vsc 
3 days ago by e2b
is a collection of utilities dealing with Tumblr blogs: creates new posts from RSS or Atom feeds, makes a local backup of posts and images, mails tagged links to a recipient list.
tumblelog  tumblr  backup  html  picture  quote  mail  rss  atom  cli  python 
10 days ago by der_dennis
Hydrogen was inspired by Bret Victor's ideas about the power of instantaneous feedback and the design of Light Table. Running code inline and in real time is a more natural way to develop. By bringing the interactive style of Light Table to the rock-solid usability of Atom, Hydrogen makes it easy to write code the way you want to.

You also may be interested in our latest project – nteract – a desktop application that wraps up the best of the web based Jupyter notebook.
atom  editor  jupyter  python  ide 
12 days ago by euler
Get Oceanic Next Color Scheme
The syntax highlighting/coloring scheme used in the ReactJS docs and tutorials.
programming  atom  visual-studio-code 
13 days ago by briandk
A syntax theme specifically for writing papers in markdown. Featuring a paper like color scheme and increased font-size for headings
atom  editor  markdown  brown  syntax  themes  writing 
18 days ago by onefewercar

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