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Rickey Jackson in 'Send Me Home': A 360 Film About Wrongful Imprisonment - The Atlantic
A man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 40 years shares how he maintained his identity.
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Is Speed Reading Possible? - The Atlantic
A new app promises to help you read novels in minutes. Here's why it might not work.
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The hurricane hunters were out on Thursday to collect data on Post Tropical Cyclone 9 in the . This tropic…
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Blinkist vs. Wikipedia: What's the Best Way to Cram-Read? - The Atlantic
Is Blinkist, a nonfiction-book summary app, the best way to cram information into my brain?
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The Atlantic : What happens when you don’t pay a hospital bill needsEditing collection debt credit history
As Americans sink under medical expenses, debt collectors go to great—and sometimes strange—lengths to collect.
Read in The Atlantic:
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An account of the fine dust which often falls on vessels in the Atlantic ocean. By CHARLES DARWIN, Esq., F.R.S., F.G.S
MANY scattered accounts have appeared concerning the dust which has fallen in considerable quantities on vessels on the African side of the Atlantic Ocean. I have found fifteen distinct statements of dust having fallen; and several of these refer to a period of more than one day, and some to a considerably longer time. Other less distinct accounts have also appeared.

During our stay of three weeks at St. Jago (to February 8th) the wind was N.E., as is always the case during this time of the year; the atmosphere was often hazy, and very fine dust was almost constantly falling, so that the astronomical instruments were roughened and a little injured.

Lieut. Arlett found the water so discoloured, that the track left by his ship was visible for a long time; and he attributes this in part to the fine sand blown from the deserts, "with which everything on board soon becomes perfectly caked."
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