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Artificial intelligence takes jobs from Chinese web censors
With so much content being uploaded and share on the Internet, China is increasingly turning to machines to get the content moderation and censorship job done, Yuan Yang reports for Financial Times:

"The rise of artificial intelligence is threatening jobs in many traditional sectors, from truck driving to banking, but in China there is a new profession being automated: the country’s army of internet censors. Chinese internet companies and government departments employ several million censors to police content that the ruling Communist party finds objectionable, according to local media. Most internationally dominant internet services, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are entirely blocked in China. As China’s online population has boomed, human censors have been overwhelmed with an ever-growing wave of online content. So companies such as iQiyi, a top video-streaming platform, are turning to machine learning to filter content Beijing wants to ban....

'Machines are very good at recognising sexual content, so our human staff now spend very little time on that,' said Kent Liu, iQiyi’s chief technology officer. 'But they are not so good at spotting themes that are developing.' Such 'developing' themes often include oblique political and cultural references created by netizens who use metaphors to get round censors...IQiyi’s algorithms automatically delete about 10 per cent of all content uploaded, Mr Liu said. The algorithms then grade the remaining videos for their risk of containing illegal material and human censors review potentially problematic videos. Censorship of material is an increasingly costly, as well as risky, exercise for internet companies in China."
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Apple Begins Removing CallKit Apps From Chinese App Store, Citing New Cybersecurity Laws
As part of a wider crackdown on VoIP services, Apple is removing apps that use CallKit from its Chinese app store, Gizmodo reports:

"Apple has begun removing applications that use the CallKit framework from the Chinese version of its App Store after the nation’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology moved to more strictly enforce recent cybersecurity regulations...According to 9to5Mac, Apple has begun warning developers that they must remove CallKit integration from their apps or they will be removed from the store. There are clear parallels between this and last year, when Apple complied with Chinese censors’ requests to remove VPN apps...Specifically, the Chinese government appears to be concerned that CallKit might allow users to avoid censors and surveillance, which is related to its overall concern over Voice over Internet Protocol communications. According to 9to5Mac, Apple describes CallKit as an easy way to integrate VoIP calls into other apps, which could at least in theory make it harder for authorities to monitor them...The laws have caused significant concerns for foreign businesses, according to the South China Morning Post, including provisions that required 'operators of critical information infrastructure' to provide an unspecified level of 'technical support' to authorities, as well as store data locally."
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Four of the top 25 Github projects are written in Chinese, six contain no code
Interesting: GitHub is generally known as and used as a repository for open source code, but it can house any text. Of the top 25 projects on the site, four are in Chinese, and three of these contain no code, but are rather used as a "knowledge share" platform, and sometimes to circumvent censorship, as Quartz reports: "In one project, a Chinese Github user documented the timeline of a sex abuse case related a professor at a prominent Chinese university. Chinese censors blocked and deleted information about the incident on Chinese websites. The Github project is still online. There was even a discussion of the allegations on a page of the project normally used for tracking bugs and organizing future work."
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How China Is Challenging American Dominance in Asia
"Many Asian leaders are eluding the great powers by hedging between them. Few have done so as creatively and brazenly as President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Upon taking office in 2016, Mr. Duterte suggested that he might end his country’s 65-year alliance with the United States. He rushed to Beijing, promised cooperation with China and – as if to signal there was no going back – crudely insulted then-President Barack Obama. Instead, Mr. Duterte ended up collecting concessions from both powers. The Americans reduced Mr. Duterte’s obligations to the alliance while continuing to guarantee his country’s defense. The Chinese offered Mr. Duterte favorable terms on maritime disputes and possible investment deals. He never did switch sides."
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Pencilled In
Pencilled In seeks to highlight and showcase art by young Asian Australians.
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5 days ago by aihre
The Artling - Curated Online Asian Art Gallery
Curated online Asian art gallery, featuring art map for each important cities in Asia, reports for events and exhibitions.
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