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Russia tries to emulate Beijing's model of information control - @pressfreedom
"Russia has embarked on an ambitious social experiment. Just a few years ago, Russians had a mostly free internet. Now Moscow is looking toward Beijing, trying to imitate the Chinese model of internet control. Yet the Kremlin will likely find that once you give people internet freedom, it isn't so easy to completely take it away." - Emily Parker, CPJ
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FilteredWeb: A Framework for the Automated Search-Based Discovery of Blocked URLs #research
"We present a new framework for automating the process of discovering filtered resources through the use of adaptive queries to well-known search engines. Our system applies information retrieval algorithms to isolate characteristic linguistic patterns in known filtered web pages; these are then used as the basis for web search queries. The results of these queries are then checked for evidence of filtering, and newly discovered filtered resources are fed back into the system to detect further filtered content. Our implementation of this framework, applied to China as a case study, shows that this approach is demonstrably effective at detecting significant numbers of previously unknown filtered web pages, making a significant contribution to the ongoing detection of internet filtering as it develops." - Alexander Darer, Oliver Farnan, and Joss Wright, University of Oxford
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Social Media Praised For Role in ‘Humane’ End to Vietnam Farmer Standoff - @RadioFreeAsia
"A government promise to forgo legal action against a group of farmers in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi and investigate their land dispute in exchange for the release of 19 police and officials over the weekend is extremely rare and due in part to social media scrutiny of the situation, observers said Monday.

A standoff between authorities and the farmers from Dong Tam commune in Hanoi’s My Duc district ended Saturday with the farmers freeing the remaining 19 hostages they had held for a week after winning the city government’s pledge to investigate their complaints and not prosecute the villagers." - Anh Vu, Radio Free Asia
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Outspoken Maldives Blogger Who Challenged Radical Islamists Is Killed
"A liberal blogger who wrote satirical critiques of the Maldivian government and the spread of radical Islam died Sunday after being stabbed in the stairway of his apartment building.

The blogger, Yameen Rasheed, 29, had complained repeatedly to the police about receiving death threats, he said in an interview with The New York Times this year, adding that the police often failed to return his calls or dropped his complaints without investigation.

'In my case, I get multiple kinds of death threats from different people, because I write and do the campaign,' he said. Mr. Rasheed was a coordinator of a campaign to find his friend Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, a journalist for The Maldives Independent who was abducted in 2014." - Hassan Moosa and Kai Schultz, New York Times
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Vietnamese government wants homegrown social networks to replace Facebook
"Vietnam has 49 million internet users, or more than half of population, and more than 45 million social media accounts, a space [Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh] Tuan said is not always a good thing.

'There are good and bad people on social media,' Tuan said at a hearing of the National Assembly's Standing Committee. Distortions, defamations and fabrications mostly happen on international platforms such as Google, YouTube and Facebook, while most pages licensed in Vietnam comply with regulations, he said." - VnExpress
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Why Thailand’s military is trying to erase me from the Internet
"The military government in Thailand has a well-established gift for Orwellian absurdity. Not long after seizing power in a 2014 coup, junta leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha published a song titled “Return Happiness to Thailand.” Last year officials spotted a seditious conspiracy behind a plan to distribute red bowls as gifts (presumably because the color red is associated with the opposition). Thais have been arrested for allegedly making disrespectful remarks about the king’s dog, and for eating a suspicious sandwich.

But now the government has managed to outdo itself. On April 12, the eve of the Thai new year, the Thai Ministry of Digital Economy and Society announced that it was forbidding my compatriots from contacting me via Facebook. They have been warned that sharing my content on the Internet, either directly or indirectly, could violate a law aimed at controlling critical information against the monarchy." - Pavin Chachavalpongpun for the Washington Post
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