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U.S. academic and critic of Beijing censorship will leave China after losing job
An American professor who taught at Peking University's HSBC Business School in Shenzhen for the past nine years (who you may know on Twitter as @BaldingsWorld, lost his job after the school chose not to renew his contact. Christopher Balding said that he was given an “official” reason for getting the boot, but that his firing was actually for an "unspoken reason" - a.k.a. his outspoken critiques on the state's economic policies and increasing censorship in academia.

Reuters: "Balding said in his post that he was given an 'official' reason for his contract not being renewed, but said, 'I know the unspoken reason for my dismissal.' He said he was notified in early November that his contract would not be renewed. 'You do not work under the Communist Party without knowing the risks,' he wrote. Last August, Balding launched an online petition calling for Cambridge University Press (CUP) to refuse all censorship requests from the Chinese government after the publisher had bowed to pressure from Beijing to block online access to hundreds of scholarly articles in China. CUP reversed the decision and restored access to the articles within a few days...Balding has been a critic of China’s economic and trade policies, as well as of what he perceived as increasing surveillance and censorship in the country. 'The restrictions and how much they monitor you have increased significantly over the past couple of years,' he told Reuters last year during the controversy over Cambridge University Press. 'As a foreign professor, as long as I don’t talk about ‘four T’s’ - Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen and The Party — I’m pretty much okay,' he said at the time."

Read Balding's blog post about his departure from China here.
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The Rise of China's Security-Industrial Complex
China's appetite for all things surveillance and security is driving the emergence of a new "security-industrial complex," and that other state-fueled 'industrial complex' you may be familiar with, the "similar phenomenon" emerging in China is pushing the country's leadership "to increase security spending," writes University of Oxford cybersecurity PhD candidate Valentin Weber for the Council on Foreign Relations. This mutually reinforcing, "symbiotic" relationship between the Chinese government and the private sector helps keep the surveillance state running, raises the importance of Chinese tech companies, while also boosting their growth domestically before they can be exported abroad to developing markets, Weber writes.

"In 1961, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the term 'military-industrial complex' in his farewell address, warning that the combined interests of the military and private sector could undermine democracy and have unchecked influence in policymaking. China is witnessing a similar phenomenon at the moment via the emergence of a security-industrial complex, made up of politicians dependent on security-related industries, private security companies, and the Ministry of Public Security...The Communist Party is all too happy to oblige given that the extra security keeps it in power, creating a symbiotic relationship between the security industry and Beijing...China’s security-industrial complex is also looking to export its approach to other markets. China has been a major proponent of the concept of 'Safe Cities' throughout the developing world. Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunication provider, rolled out the Safe Cities model to Nairobi, Kenya and installed 1800 surveillance cameras as part of the initiative...Unlike the military-industrial complex which Eisenhower warned could undermine U.S. democracy, China’s security-industrial complex has cemented the power of the Communist Party, increasingly concerned with controlling the actions of those it governs."
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Ties That Bind: Quantifying China's public diplomacy and its "good neighbor" effect
June 28 AidData report
Ties That Bind offers new and comprehensive detail on the nature and impact of Chinese public diplomacy in the region most important to its strategic interests: East Asia and the Pacific (EAP).

There is a growing consensus that Beijing has dramatically increased the volume and sophistication of its public diplomacy efforts under President Xi Jinping. Yet there has historically been a lack of quantifiable data to assess the scope and downstream consequences of these activities.

To this end, AidData, in collaboration with the Asia Society Policy Institute (ASPI) and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), has assembled new data on Chinese public diplomacy programs in East Asia and the Pacific from 2000 through 2016. This first-of-its-kind report quantifies multiple aspects of China's public diplomacy—financial, cultural, exchange, and elite-to-elite diplomacy—across 25 countries to assess how it is received by foreign publics and leaders and determine whether it is meeting Beijing’s objectives.
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Government data shows 21 unreported internet shutdowns in India
India's Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC.IN) as been tracking internet shutdowns in the country for years, and in that time the organization has seen "a staggering increase in the number and frequency of shutdowns," rising from a total of 3 in 2012 to 70 shutdowns during 2017. That total has already nearly been surpassed this year, with 68 recorded shutdown incidents thus far. SFLC.IN recently filed a FOIA-like request to the government to see if there were any unreported shutdowns, and found 21 such cases. The group, otherwise mostly relies on media reports to track internet shutdowns, has a list of list of the 21 unreported shutdowns on the blog post linked to above.

SFLC.IN: "We at have been tracking incidents of Internet shutdowns across India in an attempt to draw attention towards the number and frequency of shutdowns, which are imposed for reasons ranging from curbing unrest to preventing cheating during examinations. This data is made publicly available in the form of an interactive Internet Shutdown Tracker hosted on our dedicated website, which also features additional resources on the topic...And as of July 2018, 68 shutdowns have already been recorded across 14 states, bringing the total number of shutdowns recorded since 2012 to 197. It’s worth noting that this number is the highest anywhere in the world."
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North Korea also an intelligence test for Trump | The Interpreter
Personal relationship-based diplomacy can also be chaotic.

Pyongyang did not even have to deny the intelligence findings. Trump expressed his confidence that Kim Jong-un will honour their deal because of their contract and “more importantly,” their handshake.

This method of conducting international relations on a strictly personal basis plays right into Pyongyang’s hands. Trump’s brushing off intelligence reports undermines the massive effort required by the US government to hold North Korea accountable during this delicate detente. The US has the most sophisticated information gathering apparatus in the world, but its value is lost if the president doesn’t use it.
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Nature Research Asia
science journals, jobs, information and services; focusing on Asia; separate sites for India and China.

Nature Asia | | retr 19 jul 2018
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Vietnam suspends local news website on accusation of false news
The Vietnamese news website Tuoi Tre Online was suspended and fined over its alleged publication of false information, CPJ reports. The site, which is state-owned, had its license suspended and was fined about $10,000 USD for misquoting Vietnamese President Tan Dai Quang "endorsing a law on public demonstrations."

CPJ: "'We condemn this blatant act of censorship in Vietnam's already highly restricted news environment,' said Shawn Crispin, CPJ's Southeast Asia representative...On Monday, Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communication announced that the state-run publication would be suspended for three months and fined 20 million dong (US$10,000) for a June 19 report that authorities said misquoted President Tan Dai Quang endorsing a law on public demonstrations. The Tuoi Tre report came amid a crackdown on demonstrators who protested across the country against two controversial laws on special economic zones and cybersecurity. The ministry said the report was 'untrue' and caused 'severe impacts,' news reports citing the statement said."
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Apple’s iCloud partner in China will store user data on servers of state-run telecom
China-based Apple iCloud users will have their data stored on servers run by the state-run China Telecom, The Verge reports, linking to a public WeChat post from the telecom company. Apple first announced iCloud data for China-based users would be relocated to China-based servers back in February (Reuters):

Verge: "Apple’s Chinese iCloud partner, Guizhou-Cloud Big Data (GCBD), has cut a deal with the state-run China Telecom to move user data to the latter’s servers, according to a public-facing WeChat post from China Telecom. Though the iCloud data is end-to-end encrypted, the encryption keys are also stored in China, raising the possibility the Chinese government could gain access to it...the decision reasonably has some critics of the company’s business strategy in the country concerned. Apple has largely met the demands of the Chinese government in order to sell its products overseas and maintain its business relationships with local suppliers."
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