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A Lovely Kinda-Niçoise Salad + Giveaway – Design*Sponge
A Lovely Kinda-Niçoise Salad + Giveaway – Design*Sponge
I’ve resisted my urge to become a BBQ expert this summer and instead I’ve gone on a salad kick! My salads range from the simplest undressed green salad to more…
20 hours ago by Raymond1974
68 Blockchain Articles & Whitepapers that Shaped Crypto into What it is Today
With all of the noise surrounding bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain, it’s often difficult to separate real blockchain articles from those just looking for clicks. Here’s a list, in no…
blockchain  whitepaper  list  cryptocurrencies  crypto  articles  paper 
23 hours ago by nununo
Fleeing repression, Jewish immigrants found success in Gold Rush SF - San Francisco Chronicle
Fleeing repression, Jewish immigrants found success in Gold Rush SF
Of all the groups that arrived in Gold Rush San Francisco, the Jews who fled a legacy of oppression in Europe may have experienced the most remarkable success.…
2 days ago by Raymond1974
The best bars with gardens in Paris | Music & nightlife | Time Out Paris
The best bars with gardens in Paris
MOB Hotel MOB Hotel, opened by the co-founder of the stonkingly successful Mama Shelter brand, is home to 92 bedrooms – as well as a whopping terrace. It might…
3 days ago by Raymond1974

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