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The Family That Built an Empire of Pain | The New Yorker
"The Sackler dynasty's ruthless marketing of painkillers has generated billions of dollars-and millions of addicts."
10 hours ago by Anne
For St. Patrick's Day, A True Tale Of 8 Sailors Saved By Guinness : The Salt : NPR
If you're picking up a glass of Guinness this St. Patrick's Day, savor it while pondering this story from 1917, when Ireland's famous stout was cause for true celebration: It saved lives.
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yesterday by Anne
Is vitamin D really a cure-all – and how should we get our fix?
Evidence is growing that the ‘sunshine vitamin’ helps protect against a wide range of conditions including cancers.
nutrition  health  articles 
yesterday by mikael
Internet Girlfriend Club
This is a web-zine about teen love on a very different internet.
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yesterday by mikael
The Times tech columnist ‘unplugged’ from the internet. Except he didn’t
So many writers have produced “I went offline, and here is what I learned” stories that they became a tedious cliché years ago. Cliché or no, however, those stories had one thing in common: the writers of them all actually went offline. Farhad Manjoo, technology columnist for The New York Times, took a different tack. He didn’t go offline at all: he just said he did, in a widely discussed column. Manjoo wrote about what he learned from his two months away from social media, and dispensed avuncular advice to his readers about the benefits of slowing down one’s news consumption.
journalism  netcritique  articles 
yesterday by mikael
Tim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent 'weaponised' web
The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power among a few companies ‘controlling which ideas are shared’.
netcritique  internet  articles 
yesterday by mikael

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