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MeTA musings: "Scholarly" Resources for Standards-Based Grading
Exactly what it says. Lots of good resources for those who may want something more than a bunch of hippy teachers writing about it on blogs.
SBG  SBGexemplar  journal  articles 
15 hours ago by benwildeboer
Planet Papert
Gary Stager's links to articles & resources by Papert.
papert  education  constructivism  pedagogy  articles 
15 hours ago by benwildeboer
~32TB of Windows 10 source code leaked
Unreleased 64-bit ARM versions, Server editions among dumped data.
windows10  windows  open-source  articles 
yesterday by mikael
Wikileaks Documentary Makers Accuse Assange of Censorship
In WikiLeaks’ efforts to prevent the distribution of Risk , they are using the very tactics often used against them – legal threats, false security claims, underhanded personal attacks, misdirection – and with the same intentions: to suppress information and silence speech.
wikileaks  movies  documentaries  articles 
2 days ago by mikael
How to Be More Confident in Yourself (9 Proven Hacks) - How to Beast
How to Be More Confident in Yourself (9 Proven Hacks) - How to Beast
Confidence is everything… If you are confident, then you believe in yourself. You believe in your ability to take action and accomplish your goals. But without…
2 days ago by carlosfusa

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