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Double Cross
Popov still remembers Thanksgiving 2002, the turkey meal, and The Lord of the Rings. “He was the only friend I had,” Popov says about Hilbert. “I still love him, even if he’s getting kind of distant from me now because of my new stuff. I’m still a blackhat, and I never changed. But who cares? I still love him.” [...] Hilbert’s work with Popov was the first attempt to really crack this world, though in many ways it was just a new twist on a timeworn law enforcement strategy. When a federal law enforcement agency confronts a vast criminal machine, it invariably tries to sabotage the clockwork from the inside. And to do that, the agency must become a working component in the very criminal apparatus it hopes to destroy.
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The final, critical decision was made against medical advice: Esther and Dan’s resolution to stop treatment and let Andrew die. Had they permitted more chemotherapy, the treatment would have killed Wills’s cells, which were what ultimately enabled Andrew to live.

“When you have a child with a life-threatening illness, you have an irrevocably altered existence,” Barbara Sourkes had told the Levys, and Esther feels that is true. She had always felt in control of her fate, but now she believes this to be a fiction. She finds it difficult to reconcile bitterness over the blight of Andrew’s illness with gratitude for the reprieve. “We are the luckiest of the unluckiest people in the world,” she says. “I truly believe that.” The story presents itself to her as a riddle that cannot be resolved. She recalls her anger when others told them to hope. Is the lesson that their friends were right and there is always hope? Yet it was only by letting go of hope and accepting Andrew’s death that he lived.
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What Comes Next Is the Future (2016) on Vimeo
What Comes Next Is the Future is a documentary film about the web created by Bearded founder Matt Griffin. It is the story of Tim Berners-Lee’s creation – how it came to be, where it’s been, and where it’s going – as told by the people who build it. In the film, Griffin knits together
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I recently launched a new series on building Progressive Web Apps with React on Medium. In it, I cover the techniques and tools for building a high-performance web app that can load instantly and offline on desktop and mobile.
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