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Before Uber revolutionizes labor, it's going to have to explain these embarrassing emails | The Verge
Two lawsuits filed by a group of drivers, one against Uber and Lyft (a smaller, rival e-hailing company), filed on behalf of drivers are currently winding their way through San Francisco federal court. The suits argue that drivers are employees entitled to be reimbursed for expenses like gas and vehicle maintenance that they are currently paying out of pocket.
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3 hours ago by paulherm
Accessibility, the journey AND the destination
Join Simply Accessible on a web accessibility journey with our new site.
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3 hours ago by stuarth
Uber’s Business Model Could Change Your Work -
New technologies have the potential to divide a variety of traditional jobs into tasks that can be assigned to people just when they’re needed.
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3 hours ago by paulherm
Secret Diary of a Side Project: Coding Practices - Tales From An Unchecked Mind
Secret Diary of a Side Project is a series of posts documenting my journey as I take an app from side project to a full-fledged for-pay product. You can find the introduction to this series of posts here.
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5 hours ago by pitiphong_p
Come for the tool, stay for the network
This idea is to attract users initially with a single-player tool and then, over time, get them to participate in a network. The tool helps get to initial critical mass. The network creates the long term value for users, and defensibility for the company.
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23 hours ago by redlightbulb
Trade your gun for milk: enter the scarcity games – Will Wiles – Aeon
> At the heart of the new digital melancholy – wrapped in all that beauty – is primal simplicity, the basic animal equation: eat, don’t get eaten, keep going. The value of that simplicity, the playability of it, perhaps we could even say the fun of it, is watching the unexpected ways this elemental calculus can work itself out. And there is more watching involved. Vulnerability imposes a measure of passivity – in some situations, for instance, the only workable strategy might be to wait for danger to pass, to hide behind a hedge, to stay in the shelter until dawn or nightfall – so the environment and the atmosphere become more important, they are not just a Niagara of garish detail to be rushed past. There is a world to be experienced, and we must learn our place in it.
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yesterday by redlightbulb
Netflix’s Secret Special Algorithm Is a Human
I do not doubt that companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google rely more on data every day. But the best human curators still maintain their supremacy.
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yesterday by dwight

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