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McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: List: Obituaries for Teenage Girls If They Actually Died When They Say They’re Dying.
HUANG, JAMIE, age 14, died suddenly upon seeing a tiny labrador puppy walk successfully through a set of revolving doors. PHILLIPS, EMA ARLENE, age 15, passed away when she saw Taylor Swift exiting the neighborhood gym.
7 hours ago by mud
The Art Of The SVG Filter And Why It Is Awesome – Smashing Magazine
great article on using SVG filters, some cool example of what you can do with fonts/type. the sketchy filters could give a cool pen effect
svg  tutorial  webdev  article  filters  brushes  text 
8 hours ago by mgan
Animated line drawing in SVG -
great article on how to animate a stroke path being drawn
animation  article  css  drawing  svg  line  line-drawing 
8 hours ago by mgan
5 clients that will destroy your design business — Medium
I recommended “5 clients that will destroy your design business” on @Medium
Medium  article 
9 hours ago by cijanzen
What Good Means — Medium
I recommended “What Good Means” on @Medium
Medium  article 
10 hours ago by cijanzen
I recommended “Automatic for the Sheeple” on @Medium
Medium  article 
10 hours ago by cijanzen
Creating Cel Animations With SVG – Smashing Magazine
great article on how to do composite cel based animation, critical in understanding how to do character based animation where multiple parts of an svg group need to animate
cel-animation  css  svg  css3  article  amazing  characters 
10 hours ago by mgan
5 Gotchas You're Gonna Face Getting Inline SVG Into Production | CSS-Tricks
great article on some caveats to IE. Also, explains a strategy for exporting SVG file and not setting strokes (leave as transparent) that way when you load into a browser you can use css to to dynamically override the stroke. Can't do this if you set a color on stroke.
svg  tips  hacks  information  article  programmatic  stroke  fill  objects  map  mapper 
11 hours ago by mgan
On URLs in Progressive Web Apps
Bruce Lawson from Opera chimes in on keeping URL's obvious and easily accessible in Progressive Web Apps.
article  210  newslettered 
11 hours ago by justinavery

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