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HOPE Federal busy filling gaps left by bank branch closings
Good coverage of Hope Federal Credit Union opening branches in the Delta. "Though the non-profit HOPE Federal Credit Union has more than tripled its branch locations throughout its multi-state market of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Greater Memphis over the past years, the deserts within low-and-moderate income communities have grown along with the pace of branch closing by for-profit banks, according to Bynum, CEO of both HOPE Federal and 20-year-old parent organization Hope Enterprise Corp."
MSDelta  2014  article  MSBanks 
yesterday by jatrimar
Tap into the gig economy for business agility | Orange Business Services
Freelance marketplaces likeTaskRabbit, Upwork and People per Hour have become serious solutions for enterprises searching for specialist skills. The nature of the workplace is changing to reflect the need for business agility.
article  coworking  freelance 
yesterday by vadimvh
PAM: Pluggable Authentication Modules
PAM 科普文,对于不太了解 PAM 的系统管理员来说,本文可让你快速厘清 PAM 的目的及用途。
pam  article 
yesterday by xuxiaodong
Not All Clicks
"But it's not visible above the fold." said every client ever. Fear not, here are a few choice words and statistics around why it's better to allow users to scroll.
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2 days ago by justinavery
Testing JavaScript Modules with Tape
I held a survey last monday where I asked for feedback about the kinds of things you want me to write about. It was quite useful, and one of the topics that seem to …
testing  js  tape  article 
2 days ago by layflags
How to remove Lenovo Superfish
How to article demonstrating removal of Superfish and removal of security certificate in Windows
howto  article  superfish  security  reference  certificate_manager 
2 days ago by nerdynick
IE unloaded img size ·
An interesting bug in IE 11 that produces a placeholder block for images that might be out of control
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2 days ago by justinavery

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