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When the game is over, the enforcer’s suffering has only just begun - The Globe and Mail
In December, 1994, I suffered a major concussion thanks to a bare-knuckled fist to the head. I was knocked unconscious as my head slammed against the ice, and carried off the rink. In the locker room I took multiple showers, because I kept forgetting that I had already showered. However, the team quickly cleared me to play despite signs of a serious concussion. A few weeks later, I experienced a grand mal seizure during a workout.

As I convulsed, my teammates restrained me from hurting myself any further, but the damage to my brain had already been done. Incredibly, it was a team orthopedic surgeon who treated me after my seizure. I sat out for just two weeks before the team doctors again pushed me back onto the ice. I was never seen by a neurologist.

This would be the first of many seizures, and that concussion was just one of many hits to the head. At no time in my NHL career did anyone – a doctor, trainer, coach or league representative – ever tell me that I could be at risk for seizures or other long-term neurological diseases and disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.

[Holy fucking shit. This is a cultural problem that is beyond sick.]
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The Sensor-Rich, Data-Scooping Future
G.E. is adding more sensor technology to products like street lights, heralding a sensor explosion that many believe will fuse the physical world with the Internet, anticipating and facilitating human behaviors.
article  nytimes  editorial  bigdata  technology 
6 hours ago by dwight
Needing Guidance? 30 Questions To Ask
Here's a selection of questions that not only help someone discover what God wants them to do, but also to train them to make good decisions in the future.
article  list  questions  theology 
7 hours ago by dwight
Your template language is killing the web.
PR: nothing terribly new, but now even the webdevs are starting to get it: "At a high level, these instructions describe how to update the state of a view. They are also portable and can be evaluated anywhere. We can easily send the instructions to clients concerned with the new state and let a client library take care of updating the rendered view."
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7 hours ago by mechazoidal
Long Distance Backpacking Meals
I just finished bagging all of the food I need for an upcoming trek through the 100 mile wilderness on the Maine section of the Appalachian Trail. All together, I packed 9 days worth of food.
adventure  lang-en  article  cooking  food 
7 hours ago by cynddl
As many as 1 million sites imperiled by dangerous bug in WordPress plugin
Persistent XSS in WP-Super-Cache allows attackers to insert malicious code.
wordpress  arstechnica  article  security 
8 hours ago by dwight
Swirly Stained Glass Made Out of...Melted Gummy Bears? | WIRED
These gorgeous light boxes were made with an unlikely material: gummy bears.
article  art  architecture  color  wired 
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These Laser Scans of London Are a New Way to See the World
ScanLab is at the bleeding edge of large-scale 3-D laser scanning, conjuring striking, ghostly reproductions of castles, museums, ice floes and more from billions of millimeter-precise dots.
article  3d  vr  technology  wired  bigdata 
9 hours ago by dwight
Congress' Hare-Brained Scheme to Shoot Rain From The Skies
In August 1891, Robert St. George Dyrenforth, a Washington patent attorney, arrived by train to the small Midland, Texas, station in a desolate stretch of the southern plains. He had sent ahead a freight car with a bewildering assemblage of rabble: mortars, casks, barometers, electrical conductors, seven tons of cast-iron borings, six kegs of blasting...
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The State Of Animation 2014 - Smashing Magazine
Longform article that discusses the types of web animation and the new Web Animation API
animation  css  article 
10 hours ago by jchristianhall

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