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Major Difference between Robot and Human – Robotster
Lists differences between humans and robots. Also lists ways in which robots are created. It is written terribly. I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's a prank conceived by a robot!
ELA10  robots  article  list 
yesterday by mkauffmann
Design machines | Louder Than Ten
A dystopian view of an internet designed by machines, and the mushy, emotional weapons we can use to fight back.
design  article 
yesterday by jeremydgreat
How to use Time Machine on your Mac – the full roundup
Jeff Benjamin Over the last several months, we’ve revisited Time Machine, the backup utility present in OS X. We’ve showed you everything from performing an initial Time…
tutorial  article  resource  mac 
yesterday by cijanzen
The Fight for Free Speech - The New Yorker
The new battles over free speech are fierce, but who is censoring whom?
thenewyorker  kelefa_sanneh  article  censorship  feminism  sjw  social_justice  college  university  2015  august  2015_08_10 
yesterday by Seumas
Banishing the Control Homunculi in Studies of Action Control and Behavior Change
For centuries, human self-control has fascinated scientists and nonscientists alike. Current theories often attribute it to an executive control system. But even though executive control receives a great deal of attention across disciplines, most aspects of it are still poorly understood. Many theories rely on an ill-defined set of “homunculi” doing jobs like “response inhibition” or “updating” without explaining how they do so. Furthermore, it is not always appreciated that control takes place across different timescales. These two issues hamper major advances. Here we focus on the mechanistic basis for the executive control of actions. We propose that at the most basic level, action control depends on three cognitive processes: signal detection, action selection, and action execution. These processes are modulated via error-correction or outcome-evaluation mechanisms, preparation, and task rules maintained in working and long-term memory. We also consider how executive control of actions becomes automatized with practice and how people develop a control network. Finally, we discuss how the application of this unified framework in clinical domains can increase our understanding of control deficits and provide a theoretical basis for the development of novel behavioral change interventions.
science  psychology  article 
yesterday by meqif
How yuppies hacked the hacker ethos – Brett Scott – Aeon
A hack stripped of anti-conventional intent is not a hack at all. It’s just a piece of business innovation.
EN  hacking  hackers  gentrification  culture  article  essay  by:BrettScott  via:Senficon 
yesterday by scy
or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drum Machine (Michael Benjamin Lerner, aka Telekinesis)
electronics  music  article  reference  instrument 
yesterday by theonetruestickman
How the Ballpoint Pen Changed Handwriting
Thicker ink, fewer smudges, and more strained hands: an Object Lesson
Handwriting  technology  pens  article  TheAlantic  from iphone
2 days ago by NightOwlCity
Building A Component-Based Web UI With Modern JavaScript Frameworks
Building A Component-Based Web UI With Modern JavaScript Frameworks Most modern front-end JavaScript frameworks provide some sort of support for component based development. This is an incredibly important step in the direction of development for the web. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  article  components  design  emberjs  javascript  polymerjs  programming  reactjs  reference 
2 days ago by jeremyday

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