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7 Simple Rules for Creating Elegant UI Interactions — SitePoint
'Interaction design' is one of those newish buzzwords that has become strongly tied into the UX design process. In 2015 it's no longer enough for interface elements to instantly switch between two static states. Today words like 'slide' and 'bounce' and 'rebound' have come into the conversation on how good user interfaces work.

However in the world of interactions – as is the case with expensive watches – 'fancy' does not not necessarily mean 'elegant'. While we may be curious about the complexity of the fancy watch below, I suspect that very few of us would want to actually wear it. Natural elegance almost always triumphs over decoration in our interface design too.
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21 hours ago by javajunky
How to start building an audience when you don’t have any audience yet
With Hacking UI we managed to grow our audience to over 23,500 email subscribers in only 3 years, all organically. Today, Hacking UI is our full-time job. Our audience made it possible for us to quit our (pretty damn decent) jobs, and now we can serve our audience even better!
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21 hours ago by frankmeeuwsen
Vala Afshar
Ad Skip Watch now at
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22 hours ago by frankmeeuwsen
Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ - Vox
"Our bottom line is that there is a responsible, scientifically informed alternative to Murrayism: a non-essentialist view of intelligence, a non-deterministic view of behavior genetics, and a view of group differences that avoids oversimplified biology."
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22 hours ago by msszczep
Hiding in plain sight: how the 'alt-right' is weaponizing irony to spread fascism | Technology | The Guardian
The best response is to stubbornly take the “alt-right” at their word. Angela Nagle’s book about the “alt-right”, Kill All Normies, is released next month. She says that for the “alt-right”, online irony “is a mechanism for undermining the confidence of their critics”.

“The thing that people have to realize is that it isn’t that complicated. We know what they believe in, and if you say that you’re ‘alt-right’, presumably you believe in those things too.”

Rather than getting lost in the weeds of a fast-moving internet culture, we should be bearing down hard on those core beliefs.

“Journalists should be saying, ‘I don’t want to talk about Pepe memes and hand signs. Tell me what are the limits of what you’re prepared to do’. We should force them to talk about what they really stand for.”

In future, the best step may be to meet irony with sincerity.
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23 hours ago by tremolo
Medium Style Header – Tony Jing – Medium
The team behind Medium has created a great experience. The execution of this greatness lies in getting the details right. For example, once logged in, the home page’s image header gradually blurs out as the user scrolls down the page. Another example is the parallax effect as the title and subtitle fading out of the view, against the large full bleed background image, when scrolling down on the page. These interactions not only provide context for the reader, they also make the experience engaging and pleasant. I’ve decided to recreate these two experiences.
article  ux  effect  jquery  parallax  blur 
23 hours ago by javajunky
Svelati i "Facebook Files": ecco come Zuckerberg decide cosa mostrarci -
Li ha diffusi il Guardian. Sono le regole con cui il social network spiega ai propri moderatori come comportarsi di fronte a contenuti violenti, al sesso,…
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yesterday by K3it4r0
Best Platforms For Building Websites in 2015 @ Web Design Ledger
Work with a good platform, CMS, or WordPress plugin, and save precious time. Time that can be used to take on more projects. Get to the finish line faster, and don’t go any further than the Front end to create fantastic websites.
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yesterday by cyberchucktx
8 Best (FREE) Web Development Courses for Beginners | Coding Dojo Blog
The best place begin getting a feel for how development works are the numerous free, self-guided online web development courses that cover everything from basic programming introductions to development best practices. Below we’ll take a look at the cream of the crop web development courses and highlight what they can each offer you and a selection of the best links or tools to check out.
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yesterday by cyberchucktx

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