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A Stiff Upper Lip Is Killing British Men | VICE United Kingdom
> The stubborn lost-husband-refusing-to-ask-for-directions might be a handy caricature – one that’s helped people like Martin Clunes sustain a career in television for over 30 years – but it’s also rooted in a very real, very destructive notion of masculinity. We’re conditioned from an early age to believe that acknowledging weakness is somehow a weakness in itself, and there are plenty of depressing statistics to confirm what a huge problem this is.

> In spite of depression being more common in women, British men are three times more likely to take their own lives.

> “I think the biggest thing was that your lack of communication made it difficult to process your emotions within your own self,” she said. “Even more than your inability to communicate it to me, you were so practiced at pushing things down that you’d lost touch with the reality of your emotions. So even when I could identify a problematic situation, you would deny it. In addition to having to work through difficult issues, I first had an insurmountable task of getting you to acknowledge they were issues in the first place.”
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What's The Biggest Animal Gathering Ever? (Was Rod Stewart There?)
Count the army ants; count the starlings; count the herring, the pigeons and the fans at a Rod Stewart concert in Rio, and then ask: What's the greatest gathering of animals ever?
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Kissing Your Socks Goodbye, Home Organization Advice from Marie Kondo
Such anthropomorphism and nondualism, so familiar in Japanese culture, as Leonard Koren, a design theorist who has written extensively on Japanese aesthetics, told me recently, was an epiphany to this Westerner. In Japan, a hyper-awareness, even reverence, for objects is a rational response to geography, said Mr. Koren, who spent 10 years there and is the author of “Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers.”

“Think of the kimono, and the tradition of folding,” he said. “There is also the furoshiki, which is basically a square of flat cloth used daily to wrap packages. Folding is deep and pervasive in Japanese culture. Folding is a key strategy of modular systems that have evolved because of limited living space.”

He added: “More spiritually, the idea of non-dualism is a relationship to reality that proposes that everything is inextricably connected and alive, even inanimate objects. If we are compassionate and respectful to everything that exists, then we would have to be compassionate about the socks in the drawer that aren’t folded properly.”
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