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9 Reasons You Should Be Using CodePen
Ty Strong explains some of the great features of the well-known code playground CodePen.
codepen  article 
3 hours ago by stuarth
Atlantic City's Big Bet on Gambling Sours
The sudden closing of Atlantic City's two-year-old Revel casino hotel, plus two other casinos shutting their doors in the next few weeks, marks the end of the New Jersey city's decades-long reliance on gambling to stay afloat.
article  newjersey  gambling  economics  government  history 
6 hours ago by dwight
Dirty Money - Springer
Many states have significantly reduced their support for higher education in the last decade, increasing the importance of securing external funding for research and academic centers at colleges and universities. This paper addresses issues that have been raised by critics of funding from "morally tainted" sources like tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies, and oil and gas companies and attempts to develop plausible criteria for "morally acceptable" funding in light of criticisms that focus on issues such as transparency, conflicts of interests, academic and scientific integrity, and coercion. A further discussion of whether special or unique criteria are necessary for ethicists and ethics centers is also included.
article  ethics  philosophy 
8 hours ago by Rex
China's Tencent shuts messaging accounts after censorship rules-state media
Just imagine the headline: [US] [Twitter] shuts messaging accounts after censorship rules

That is the type of thing people are calling for from time to time. I guess there is a difference if The Government is the one doing the censoring.
article  china  editorial  reuters  censorship  wechat 
8 hours ago by dwight
The Dawn of the Post-Clinic Abortion
Some activists like Rebecca Gomperts are now imagining the unthinkable: a future where most abortions happen at home.
article  abortion  nytimes  editorial 
15 hours ago by dwight
Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek |
So, there is this story making the rounds where Paul Dini on a podcast explains why execs do not want female viewers for their super hero shows. There’s a link in the resources below. But the gist of it is basically “Girls do not buy our merchandise.” Sounds horrible right? People are shocked! Yeah, well, it’s worse then you think.

Here is the reasoning, that drive execs and marketers to pro-actively exclude women from their audiences and to pro-actively encourage a culture in which women do not feel welcome.

This is why we can’t have nice things… or can we?
article  topic:sexism  topic:geek.culture  topic:women  topic:marketing  topic:advertisement  topic:dollars  topic:business 
16 hours ago by thatspotonthe_t

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