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Article Example: Seems to only highlight photoelectric
interesting - should we be paying attention to this or not? Do experts really not suggest dual sensor? What should we tell our cohort?
15usbird  article  photoelectric 
3 hours ago by catherineoldershaw
Article: Helpful info on Smoke Alarms
interesting article includes lots of info about fire alarms.
15usbird  article  firealarms 
3 hours ago by catherineoldershaw
What is Product Design? — Medium
A good Product Designer knows a bit of animation, prototyping, coding, research, visual and interaction design. They know when to deliver wireframes, and when to deliver pixel perfect mockups. They know when to use animation, and when to prototype. They know how to convincingly communicate their solutions.
design  article  career 
4 hours ago by jchristianhall
This Biohacker Used Eyedrops To Give Himself Temporary Night Vision
A team of biohackers from California successfully induced a temporary sense of night vision by injecting a simple chemical cocktail directly onto the eye. Incredibly, it allowed them to see over 160…
nightvision  biological  io9  biohack  night  vision  coumpound  article  eyes  hack  science 
8 hours ago by lmjabreu
Pentago is a first player win: Strongly solving a game using parallel in-core retrograde analysis
We present a strong solution of the board game pentago, computed using exhaustive parallel retrograde analysis. Pentago is the largest divergent game solved to date by two orders of magnitude, and the only example of a non-trivial divergent game solved using retrograde analysis. Unlike previous retrograde analyses, our computation was performed entirely in-core, writing only a small portion of the results to disk; an out-of-core implementation would have been much slower. Symmetry was used to reduce branching factor and exploit instruction level parallelism. Despite a theoretically embarrassingly parallel structure, asynchronous message passing was required to fit the computation into available RAM, causing latency problems on an older Cray machine. All code and data for the project are open source, together with a website which combines database lookup and on-the-fly computation to interactively explore the strong solution.
ai  pentago  article 
13 hours ago by doneata
Data types à la carte
This paper describes a technique for assembling both data types and functions from isolated individual components. We also explore how the same technology can be used to combine free monads and, as a result, structure Haskell’s monolithic IO monad.
haskell  article  expression-problem 
13 hours ago by doneata

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