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Как мы работали над редизайном Яндекс.Денег / Блог компании Яндекс / Хабрахабр
Меня зовут Дарья Калинина, и в Яндекс.Деньгах я отвечаю за развитие интерфейсов. via Pocket
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yesterday by sashabe
No Fridge Necessary: These Containers Keep Produce Fresh Without Electricity
The beautiful ceramic and hardwood set relies on age-old principles that keep fruits and vegetables in even better shape than using the fridge.
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yesterday by dwight
What Abortion Selfies Tell Us About American Community
This is an interesting read, but has some powerful, if subtle bias going on.
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yesterday by WillItWork
Choose your own adventure: Failbetter Games and non-linear storytelling - Thumbsticks
At Develop:Brighton Alexis Kennedy, co-founder of Failbetter Games, spoke about the challenges of building non-linear stories.
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yesterday by WillItWork
Windows 10 review | The Verge
Looking back at Windows 8, it’s easy to see where Microsoft went wrong. It was a giant bet on touch-based computing, but it made using a PC with a keyboard and mouse awkward, frustrating, and outright confusing. In our original review, I wrote that there was a “risk of alienating users and creating another Vista-like perception catastrophe” due to the sweeping changes.
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yesterday by danesparza

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