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ISPs and FCC Chair Ajit Pai celebrate death of online privacy rules | Ars Technica
Internet privacy advocates are mourning the death of online privacy rules, but yesterday's House vote to eliminate the consumer protections was celebrated by ISPs, advertisers, and Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.

The rules would have required home Internet and mobile broadband providers to get consumers' opt-in consent before selling or sharing Web browsing history, app usage history, and other private information with advertisers and other companies.
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23 hours ago by toph
The Wildest Party on Earth | Outside Online
t's a muggy friday morning in the Ozarks. A leanly muscled man in cowboy boots, denim short-shorts, and a tank top that looks painted on is standing in the bed of a parked pickup, addressing a crowd of hundreds. “It’s hot, guys. It’s really hot,” he says, using a microphone plugged into a beefy PA system. “What do we need to be doing today?”

“Hydrating!” the crowd answers. “Beer!” someone yells.

Around him, there are nearly 300 rock climbers in costumed pairs: spandex stars-and-stripes wrestling singlets here, Kiss-­inspired makeup and wigs there. A sweaty, oddly matched duo stands nearby, one in a Big Bird outfit and the other in a plush shark costume. The man in the pickup starts calling out the name that each team has chosen for itself. Dirty climbing puns predominate: Lichen Those Jugs So I Slab That Ass, Wham Bam Hand Jam, Tell Your Sister Thanks for the Loose Belay.
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23 hours ago by thatspotonthe_t
Jay Rosen: This is what a news organization built on reader trust looks like » Nieman Journalism Lab
Unsure if they'll find US success… but the way @jayrosen_nyu lays it out? That’s the kind of org I'd want to build:
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yesterday by kimelmose
A sticky situation.
Ethan comes across a small bug on the site only for it to magically disappear on a newer browser version. The real story? Well it's that the web isn't perfect and nothing is the same between different browsers or browser versions
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yesterday by justinavery
How French “Intellectuals” Ruined the West: Postmodernism and Its Impact, Explained – Areo Magazine
counterpoint: "More accurate to say that 'posmodernity' ruined the West. Also, French intellectuals can be blamed for many things but they lacked control over how their ideas were imported into Anglophone world"
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yesterday by mechazoidal

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