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While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to Solar
Gone are the days when solar panels were an exotic plaything of Earth-loving rich people. Solar may be cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in 47 U.S. states -- in 2016.
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23 hours ago by dwight
33 Twitter Tips, in 140 characters or less
With these 33 Twitter tips, in 140 characters or less, you can easily elevate your Twitter savviness. Start by sharing your SlideShare presentations with your
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yesterday by dwight
Bootstrap 3.3.0 released · Bootstrap Blog
For those Bootstrap fans out there we've had an updated version released. Aside from some great fixes this article also talks about the new Bootstrap 4.0 to be released in beta in just a few weeks
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yesterday by justinavery
Why you don’t need device specific breakpoints — Responsive Web Design
With the ever growing number of different mobile, tablet, laptops, monitors, televisions, watches — and whatever else will communicate information to you visually — it's finally time to put to rest those device specific breakpoints.
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yesterday by justinavery
GTD with Outlook 2010 and OneNote 2010 – Series
Hey GTD’ers. I’ve had some feedback that it’s a bit difficult to navigate the GTD series posts on Outlook and OneNote. In an effort to simplify navigation, this post provides a table of contents for all posts in the series. Additional enhancements to each post have also been made, which give links to this table of contents post, and links to previous and next posts in the series. Ask and you shall receive!
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yesterday by kdredington

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