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A Better Way to Make Buttons in Sketch – UX Power Tools – Medium
Sketch symbols are great because they provide one central place to manage components. Buttons are some of the easiest components to create, but like text fields, they have a lot of different states…
ui  sketch  article 
7 days ago by braposo
How Can Medical Professionals Avoid Making Assumptions That Lead to Mistakes?
To Redelmeier the very idea that there was a great deal of uncertainty in medicine went largely unacknowledged by its authorities.

There was a reason for this: To acknowledge uncertainty was to admit the possibility of error. The entire profession had arranged itself as if to confirm the wisdom of its decisions. Whenever a patient recovered, for instance, the doctor typically attributed the recovery to the treatment he had prescribed, without any solid evidence that the treatment was responsible. Just because the patient is better after I treated him doesn’t mean he got better because I treated him
psychology  article  Emergence 
7 days ago by janpeuker
Using iPad Pro as a web developer – Decoding
I've never thought I will have a need for an iPad Pro. Back in November when it got released, I was using a 12-inch MacBook, which is the best laptop for mobile development. It's light and thin, I don't feel it's weight in my bag, and it has a Retina display.
7 days ago by mud
How to identify whales in your game - GameAnalytics
From a sample of 175M gamers in different areas around the world, patterns and statistic about the spending levels and gaming and spending habits.
article  games  business  statistics  infographic 
8 days ago by kaarlows
How international mail works.
The U.S. Postal Service proposed revising its international mail pricing system a few weeks ago. The new system would raise shipping rates from the United States by 13 percent on average. Seeing as foreign postal services deliver our mail overseas, do they get a cut of the postage?
8 days ago by mud
Secrets and LIE-abilities: The State of Modern Secret Management (2017)
Secrets and LIE-abilities: The State of Modern Secret Management (2017) I consult for a living. Among other things I help guide teams through some pretty nuanced tech decisions. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  article  deployment  development  docker  research  security 
8 days ago by jeremyday
PICO-8 lighting, part 1: thin dark line
How I rolled up my sleeves and got a real-time lighting engine working under the constraints of PICO-8.
game  development  gaming  games  cool  neat  article 
8 days ago by jheady

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