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The Artist Who Speaks to Computers and Their Humans | Broadly
Ashley Zelinskie is a Star Trek-obsessed nerd creating art with the 3D printer and super computer she built herself.
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The right design at the right time | Google Ventures
This article was originally published at Wired. If you're a technology entrepreneur or CEO trying to figure out what kind of investment to make in design, you might be tempted to focus on visual design: beautiful…
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Airbnb Shares The Keys To Its Infrastructure
“I intuitively believe that we are making the most of our engineers to push the business forward and doing it in a cost effective way on AWS,” says Curtis. “Part of that intuition is that I used to manage the Yahoo Mail engineering team a long time ago and we spent a huge amount of time on server and cost optimization and figuring out how to squeeze more out of the NetApp filers that we were running. I think about the percentage of time I spent on that versus the percentage of time I...
airbnb  infrastructure  devops  analytics  article  hadoop 
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Image Processing in Rails using AWS Lambda — Medium
A common problem with image processing Rails apps has been the excessive memory consumption within the worker processes.…
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