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Blimpduino 2: arduino-based blimp
Blimpduino 2 is a very low cost open source autonomous blimp. It consists of an Arduino M0-based blimp controller board with on-board WIFI and laser sensors. Two vectoring differential thrusters and one lifting propeller. Simple but exciting
blimp  aviation  arduino  opensource 
3 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Time for another Project to Product video! We put a bare ATmega 328p on a breadboard and turn it into our…
Arduino  from twitter_favs
yesterday by tolkien
Programmable-Air | Crowd Supply
Soft robotics toolkit, with surprising pneumatic strength.
diy  arduino  robotics 
yesterday by jalderman
WaterAid -
Project to measure water pH, turbidity and temperature, with links to sensors to use.
water  sensor  opensource  arduino 
2 days ago by amcewen
Bitlash: a programmable command shell for arduino
arduino  shell  interpreter 
3 days ago by hschilling
Arduino + NodeMCU + Micropython
5 days ago by hmp12
Home | Atlas Scientific
We are the world’s leader in scientific grade environmental and electrochemical sensors.
arduino  DIY  agriculture  environment  chemistry  components  electronics  hardware  gardening  sensing 
5 days ago by ilijusin

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