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Steven Crowder Explains Net Neutrality. Simply and Accurately!
Not if the government has its way, you can’t! Steven’s back to discuss net neutrality with hipsters.
22 hours ago by kenyob
The Voices in Blue America’s Head - The New York Times
It was early November, the day before Virginia’s elections, and the Democratic cavalry — in the form of four podcast hosts crammed into a Lyft — was coming to the aid of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.
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22 hours ago by brokenrhino
Snow fans will love this new U.S. winter outlook
To make a successful winter forecast for the U.S., meteorologists must examine a dizzying array of factors, from fickle fluctuations in ocean conditions in the tropical Pacific Ocean to the decline of Arctic sea ice and related snow cover in Siberia.
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23 hours ago by brokenrhino
Challenging the Rehabilitation of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - Crisis Magazine
As the sixtieth anniversary of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s death approaches this April, a renewed interest in his thought has found its way into the popular consciousness.
23 hours ago by pfhawkins
DD-WRT and Pfsense. - Ars Technica OpenForum
Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Ok I wanted to setup a SOHO. in our home. for cellphones/wifi laptops and pc I mean for my family and some guest.
23 hours ago by plouf
Router. dd-wrt vs pfsense : homelab
My rack mounted watchdog firebox x750e died last weekend. Well, it boots up, then shuts back down after a short amount of time. I'm not sure if the PSU is going bad, the CPU is over heating, or what the problem is. I'm looking to replace my router.
23 hours ago by plouf
pfSense 2.5 and AES-NI
We’re starting the process toward pfSense software release 2.3.4. pfSense software release 2.4 is close as well, and will bring a number of improvements: UEFI, translations to at least five lanuguages, ZFS, FreeBSD 11 base, new login page, OpenVPN 2.4 and more. pfSense version 2.
23 hours ago by plouf
Introduction - 18F Method Cards
An improvisational brainstorm based on interaction and movement with the body. To remind participants that interactions are human and physical, to teach stakeholders empathy for users, and to get away from our computers.
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23 hours ago by fraz87
The Radical Catholic: On the Raison d'Être of Modernism
[Note: This post was born out of a recent discussion on the always thoughtful and engaging OnePeterFive with fellow Catholic Murray. As my response grew too long to post in the discussion thread, I decided to place it here rather than clog up the board over there. -RC] St.
yesterday by pfhawkins
How to Buy a Great TV This Black Friday - The New York Times
You know how it is: Every Black Friday, you are bombarded with lousy shopping deals that do not offer as much of a discount on an item as you think. But there is a bright spot: If you are shopping for a new television, it really is the best time to buy one.
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yesterday by odelano
How to extract the data from “not provided” segments
If you are a website owner or SEO specialist, you know how annoying the “not provided” segment of keyword research is.
yesterday by kenyob
The Florida Project Director Sean Baker Explains His Process
It isn’t easy to be an American independent filmmaker, and these days, many directors only dwell in that space until they earn a come-up from Marvel or HBO.
yesterday by ndifford
Apple’s latest AI research explores the problem of mapping systems for self-driving cars - The Verge
Apple’s ambitions to build a self-driving car have reportedly shifted gears over the years, but we know the company is focusing on the software side of the equation.
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yesterday by brokenrhino
Rob Peck : Switching to pfSense
So after several years of successfully using DD-WRT, I finally decided to move to pfSense. There are a multitude of reasons for this move, but I'll try to enumerate some of them. I know. First world problems, right?
yesterday by plouf
Twitter, It’s Time to End Your Anything-Goes Paradise - The New York Times
Earlier this month, Twitter did something radical: The social network famous for its 140-character limit doubled it to 280. Weirdly, the world didn’t end. There was some whining from old-timers, which quickly died out. Mostly, everything was O.K. Some might even say the change was for the better.
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yesterday by odelano

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