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Historic Dance and Tune Books
The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library (VWML) contains many rare and unique items of literature, both printed and in manuscript, including a large collection of historic dance books and manuscript tune books. This gallery brings together a selection of these digitised items from across our library and archive collections.

This gallery is currently being indexed so as to make it searchable through our Dance and Tune Index. It is still under development, and more material will be added in time.

The VWML is indebted to Robin Seifert for his kind assistance digitising the manuscript collections. The development of this Gallery has been funded by the Islington Folk Club and Paul Cooper.
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october 2019 by mandoisland
Better wisdom from crowds | MIT News
Two MIT scholars have co-developed a new tool to extract the wisom of crowds: the “surprisingly popular principle.”
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july 2019 by linearpup

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