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Export your Spotify playlists.
18 hours ago by edmadrid
LibreRead - A self-hosted ebook reader
LibreRead is a Google books alternative, GPLv3 licenced, self-hosted, browser-based ebook reader.
book  ebook  opensource  software  app  IFTTT  reader  (popular  apps  bookmarks) 
yesterday by speckz
USGS - Streamer
Rivers and streams interactive mapping application
rivers  maps  apps  America  data  visualization  resources  government 
yesterday by n8dub
Google releases 3 advanced for Android and iOS
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yesterday by jhill5
Website Downloader | Website Copier | Site Downloader | Website Ripper
Simple cloud-based Website Downloader with nothing to install or configure - Download the complete source code of any website (including all assets).
apps  download  utility  website  #_try  Development  dowloader  DOWNLOADER  software  web 
yesterday by renaudjx

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