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Top 9 Must Have Apps for Android TV
op 9 Must Have Apps for Android TV
Top  9  Must  Have  Apps  for  Android  TV  nvidia  shield  1st  2nd 
yesterday by kilroy2
This app is no longer shared with you - Apple Community
Solution to family sharing apps that fail
every few days and have to be reinstalled
technology  apps  phone 
2 days ago by emmacarlson
Microsoft launches Spend iOS app that automatically tracks and matches expenses - 9to5Mac
Microsoft is out with a new iOS app that looks to automate keeping tabs on business expenses. Coming from the same team behind the mileage tracking app, MileIQ, Spend is designed to make expense and receipt tracking easier than ever. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  apps  ios  microsoft  news  via-Diigo 
3 days ago by evansthompson
Designing Experiences To Improve Mental Health — Smashing Magazine
Designing apps for mental health is one area where UX designers can have a huge impact. In this article, we’ll look at the issues with current apps, and guidelines to ensure UX practitioners are using clinically proven methods for improving mental health treatment.
apps  design  mental-health  psychology  mentalhealth 
3 days ago by jwithy
Unlock Windows PCs with your Android fingerprint scanner - SlashGear
PCs, both laptops and even desktops, are finally getting on the biometrics bandwagon. While most new laptops mostly use Windows 10’s Hello face recognition, there is a growing number that use fingerprint sensors as well. via Pocket
via-IFTTT  via-Pocket  android  apps  download  microsoft  security  tech  windows  windows10  via-Diigo 
3 days ago by evansthompson
Paperback — A Simple Way to Read Pinboard Articles Later
A simple and beautiful way to read Pinboard articles later.
apps  pinboard  reading 
3 days ago by kslimbs

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