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Anbox - Android in a Box
Run android apps on Linux without any emulation. ALPHA stage as of April 2017, but supported, unlike ARC Welder.

"Anbox runs the Android system under the same kernel as the host operating system does. No emulation layer like QEMU is necessary. Everything runs directly on the hardware. This approach also allows a much better integration with the host operating system."
run  Android  apps  Linux  BlueStacks  alternative 
16 hours ago by dandv | Jitsi
Secure video calls, conferencing, chat…
chat  opensource  voip  sip  xmpp  apps 
21 hours ago by vesan
Plant identification app for iPhone and Android. Just take a photo.
23 hours ago by oclupaca
10 essential apps and gadgets for travel to Europe |
If you're planning a trip abroad, download the best must-have apps for Europe travel and take these gadgets with you.
travel  europe  android  apps 
yesterday by kger
One for the thumbs - Six Colors
Thumbs up or down and nothing else.
rating  Apps 
yesterday by traggett
Caret - Markdown Editor for Mac / Windows / Linux
Caret is a Markdown editor that stands out with its clean interface, productivity features and obsessive attention to detail.
yesterday by alansmodic

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