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27 Grindr Users Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won
<b>Moms, hurricanes and medical emergencies don&#39;t get in the way of these winners.</b> (NSFW language ahead.)
social  sexuality  apps  humor  gay  network 
7 days ago by krannon
Native Apps are Doomed – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Progressive web applications start out just like any other web app, but when a user returns to the app and demonstrates through usage that they’re interested in using the app more regularly, browsers will invite the user to install the app to their home screens. PWA’s can also benefit from push notifications, like native apps.
javascript  apps 
7 days ago by shane1
NNEDV's Tech Safety App
> This app contains information that can help someone identify technology-facilitated harassment, stalking, or abuse and includes tips on what can be done. Although geared toward someone who’s experiencing technology harassment, this app also covers safety and privacy tips that will help anyone use their technology more privately and securely.

The app has an option to listen to audio of the tips read by a real-human. :)

techsafety  apps  android  ios  technology  domesticviolence 
7 days ago by rebeca
r0x0r/pywebview: A lightweight cross-platform native wrapper around a webview component that allows to display HTML content in its own dedicated window
pywebview is a lightweight cross-platform wrapper around a webview component that allows to display HTML content in its own native GUI window. It gives you power of web technologies in your desktop application, eliminating the need of launching a web browser. Combined with a lightweight web framework like Flask, Bottle or, you can create beautiful cross-platform HTML5 user interfaces targeting WebKit, while hiding implementation details from the end user. If HTML is not your strong point, you might want to use REMI, which allows you to create HTML based interfaces using Python code only.
gui  library  python  apps  web 
8 days ago by awhite

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