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Library of Congress recommended apps
Numerous libraries provide information about apps on their websites, including:

National libraries eg. Library of Congress:
State libraries eg. The State Library of South Australia:
Public libraries eg. Yarra Plenty Regional Library:
7 hours ago by Kye.
Best apps for teaching and learning by AASL
The American Association for School Librarians nominated the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning 2017 here:
7 hours ago by Kye.
App safety
A short video about protecting your data in an app you are using
apps  BBC 
8 hours ago by Kye.
Lesson Plans in making an app to help community
Several young entrepreneurs in California’s rural Salinas Valley are inventing new apps to boost the economy and bring about new jobs. In this PBS NewsHour lesson, students will learn about the invention process and design an app that helps their community.
8 hours ago by Kye.
How to build an app
he application programs that run on tablets and smartphones are called ‘apps’.
Normally apps are programs that have simple functions and they may only do one or two things. Games are very popular apps but you can also have messaging apps, photo apps, health apps etc.
apps  BBC 
8 hours ago by Kye.
Vue Storefront - #1 PWA for eCommerce
Progressive Web App for any eCommerce platform like Magento or Pimcore. Build ultrafast, off-line ready, mobile first and headless frontend for eCommerce and catalogues.
vue  ecommerce  apps  theme 
15 hours ago by brianyang
There's plenty of tools that allow you to write.

There aren't tools that help you write.

That's where Blurt comes in.

Use Blurt to get your thoughts out then use its tools to help you structure, edit and share your best work.

Blurt is $4.99/month during the PH launch.

A mental gym membership. Invest in yourself. Develop the habit. 😸
apps  writing 
23 hours ago by broman
10 Apps for iPad Centers
Apps we commonly recommend
ipads  apps 
yesterday by amann

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