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Apple Watch adoption • David Smith
Smith is an independent iOS deeloper
<p>It seems like recently Apple has been more reticent to drop support for old hardware, but I hope that the pattern that we saw with the iPad might be repeated here. Where the first generation of the product was more quickly deprecated (2.5 years later in the case of the 1st Gen iPad). After that short lifespan for the first version, they then kept the second generation, iPad 2, supported for 5 years. The Series 1 & Series 2 watches would be a great baseline going forward. While not quite so fast as the Series 3, they are a mile ahead of the Series 0.

So far the data is looking promising that this dream of mine might actually be possible. The Series 3 is being adopted incredibly quickly and just last week became the most popular Apple Watch overall amongst my users with 33% of the overall user-base. The Series 0 is steadily falling, currently at around 24%.

<img src="" width="100%" />

I don’t know how low Apple would feel comfortable cutting off support for the Series 0, but it certainly seems like it is a possibility.

If I do some completely unscientific, wild, and almost certainly unreliable extrapolations of the current adoption trends (straight linear projection based on the trends since Christmas). It looks like by this fall, when presumably the next Apple Watch would be released and watchOS 5 will be generally available, the Series 0 may be as low as 15-20%.</p>

I'd be amazed if the next version of WatchOS supports the Series 0. What that graph doesn't depict is the expanding user base; the number of Series 0 users is probably pretty constant now, so the Series 3 users are really rocketing in numbers.
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
Fitbit Announces New Apple Watch Rival 'Versa' and Kid-Friendly 'Ace' - Mac Rumors
Fitbit today announced the Fitbit Versa, which the company described as the "smartwatch for all." The Versa has a few features that directly compare it to the Apple Watch, as well as an overall design that looks similar to Apple's wearable device. Alongside the Fitbit Versa, Fitbit announced a kid-focused Fitbit Ace device and female health tracking coming to the Fitbit iOS app.
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4 days ago by dk33per
The best Apple Watch apps: 60 apps tried and tested
Choosing the best Apple Watch apps is the best way to really bring your Apple Watch to life. via Pocket
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9 days ago by hansdorsch
Happy Women’s day! RT I doubled the Move ring on my to celebrate International Women’s Day and earn thi…
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9 days ago by Somite
In honor of International Women’s Day, I’m doubling the Move ring on my to earn this award.…
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10 days ago by brokenrhino
CES 2018: Apple Watch Users Can Control Select Whirlpool Washers, Dryers, and Ovens Early This Year - Mac Rumors
Whirlpool today at CES 2018 announced that some of its washers, dryers, and ovens will be controllable with an Apple Watch in the near future.

21 days ago by twleung
Best-Selling Stylish Smartphone Cases
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26 days ago by xcession
Finished today with a quick mile jog, and I reached my Move goal 600 days in a row on my . That’s my lon…
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27 days ago by brokenrhino
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