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Manage and back up your iTunes media library - Apple Support
This actually covers the important step, which is to find the right iTunes Library.itl file. On my old computer, it was not with iTunes. It was on a different volume.
apple  backup  mac  iTunes 
18 hours ago by lauras
How to use to see if your passwords are compromised | iMore
I just starred How to use to see if your passwords are compromised on Inoreader
19 hours ago by ninthart
Why Can Everyone Spot Fake News But The Tech Companies?
I just starred Why Can Everyone Spot Fake News but the Tech Companies? on Inoreader
Apple  Must  Read 
19 hours ago by ninthart
Apps for Accessibility: iTunes Appstore category
List of Accessibility apps for Apple IOS devices: iPad, iPhone, iWatch, ????
ios  apple  itunes  accessibility  mobile 
21 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Configuration Profile Reference
allowAutoUnlock is the key admins use to disable apple watch unlock.
apple  security  configuration  software  macOS  mac 
21 hours ago by activescott
RT : My latest newsletter, "Artificial Dominatrix" covers generated music, books on and s…
meetup  boardgames  apple  AI  from twitter
23 hours ago by mrchrisadams
Apple subscription movie & TV on-demand service rumours
Apple is gearing up to take on Netflix, Amazon and UK services such as Now TV, with its own TV shows and movies which will be available to watch via subscription on the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. You can already stream some of Apple's shows, as long as you subscribe to Apple Music for £9.99 a month. It is thought that when it launches the new subscription service will be available via a re-branded Apple Music. It's not clear whether Apple will increase the price of the monthly subscription.
dd  apple 
yesterday by motiveunknown
Above Avalon: The Goldilocks Era for iPhone Has Begun
The lack of iPhone unit sales growth is not surprising. In May 2016, I published "iPhone Warning Signs" and the conclusion that "the iPhone growth story is breaking apart and management does not seem to be in control of the situation." Over the past two years, this is exactly what has happened as the four iPhone growth warnings signs highlighted in my article have fully materialized. 
apple  iphone  mobile  business 
yesterday by whip_lash

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