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Enabling AAC and AptX over Bluetooth on MacOS – A Reilly Blog
sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod "Enable AAC codec" -bool true
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yesterday by johnpaulett
iPad sketching app 'Paper' updated with second-gen Apple Pencil support - 9to5Mac
Paper, the popular sketching app for iPhone and iPad, has today been updated with optimization for the latest iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Starting today, users of the second-generation Apple Pencil can take full advantage for the device’s new double-…
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yesterday by evansthompson
Review: Twelve South Offers a Creative Solution to Wireless iPhone Charging With the 'PowerPic' - MacRumors
Since the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus introduced Qi wireless charging into Apple products for the first time last year, more and more users have begun hunting for the best wireless charging pad out there. via Pocket
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yesterday by evansthompson
UnitedHealth offering Americans free Apple Watch if they do this | Fox Business
Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel on the potential health benefits of the Apple Watch. Hundreds of thousands of United Healthcare patients will be eligible to receive a free Apple Watch as of Thursday, so long as they meet certain exerc…
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yesterday by evansthompson
Apple’s new map: has Apple closed the gap with Google’s map? • Justin O'Beirne
O'Beirne does periodic, incredibly detailed (and fascinating) updates comparing Apple's maps with Google's. This is no exception, looking at the space where Apple has introduced new maps in California, which turns out to have some gotchas in tiny towns:
<p>It’s surprising that Apple mislabels the general store because TechCrunch said that Apple’s vans were capturing addresses and points of interest along the roads:

"After the downstream data has been cleaned up of license plates and faces, it gets run through a bunch of computer vision programming to pull out addresses, street signs and other points of interest."

But what’s even stranger is that “Markleeville General Store” is written on both the front and the side of the building—and according to TechCrunch:

"The computer vision system Apple is using can absolutely recognize storefronts and business names."

Yet the businesses that Apple is missing—but that Google has—all have signs along the road.

This suggests that Apple isn’t algorithmically extracting businesses and other places out of the imagery its vans are collecting.

Instead, all of the businesses shown on Apple’s Markleeville map seem to be coming from Yelp, Apple’s primary place data provider…</p>

It seems that while Google uses algorithms on visual data, Apple is using a lot of low-cost humans. Both have their advantages.
Apple  google  maps 
yesterday by charlesarthur
New iPad Pro doubles as display for new Mac mini | Cult of Mac
Having a hard time deciding between whether to buy the new Mac mini or the new iPad Pro? Why not get both and merge them into one workstation? via Pocket
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yesterday by evansthompson

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