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A comprehensive review of the iPhone X, Apple's newest flagship device
If you’re one of those people (like myself) who upgrades their phone every couple of years, the cycle in which Apple recently found themselves might have seemed troubling. For a while, the annual upgrade cycle seemed to bring at least one major change with every new iPhone. via Pocket
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yesterday by hansdorsch
PSA: iPhone slow? Try replacing your battery! : iphone
My iPhone 6S has been very slow these past few weeks, and even after updating multiple times, it was still slow. Couldn’t figure out why, but just...
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Set up Family Sharing - Apple Support;;
tags: Set up Family Sharing - Apple Support | appleID HowTo ;;;
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yesterday by neerajsinghvns lwansbrough's comment on If your iPhone is slow, try replacing the battery
I bought my iPhone 2 years ago (iPhone 6, new) -- it's since been plagued by slowdowns that are incomprehensible to me as a software developer. How can something go from completely responsive to absolutely useless in 2 years with virtually no major changes to the OS? Scaling the CPU down with battery capacity seems like a great way to hand-wave away planned obsolescence accusations. I was curious about the results my phone would receive, so I bought the Geekbench app mentioned in the reddit post. Indeed, my phone scores max out at half of what it claims the iPhone 6 should benchmark at. I'm pissed. [ ]
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yesterday by mikael
Scrivener + Ulysses III = Perfect 最佳書寫環境 | Li-Wei's Mac in Academia
從唸 PhD 以來,Scrivener 一直都是我寫長篇文件如論文和報告等的首選,它有著極佳的組織功能及 Multimarkdown + LaTeX 組合。而 Ulysses III 則是超強的 Markdown 編輯器。強烈建議文字工作者都應該試試這兩個軟體。Scrivener 的優點很多 via Pocket
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