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How Apple can fix 3D Touch – Eliz Kılıç – Medium
Now that we know what the problem is, here is my solution. Like we did with the link texts years ago on the web, we should visually distinguish 3D Touchable buttons. Look at this same screen and see if you can tell which toggles accept 3D Touch.
3D  touch  apple  design  iOS 
3 hours ago by fjordaan
Apple acquires Shazam, offering more ways to discover and enjoy music - Apple
Apple today announced it has completed its acquisition of Shazam, one of the world’s most popular and highly-rated music apps, used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
“Apple and Shazam have a long history together. Shazam was one of the first apps available when we launched the App Store and has become a favorite app for music fans everywhere,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music. “With a shared love of music and innovation, we are thrilled to bring our teams together to provide users even more great ways to discover, experience and enjoy music.”
Shazam lets users identify songs simply by listening to the music playing around them. The app will soon offer its experience ad-free for all users so everyone can enjoy the best of Shazam without interruption.
apple  shazam  advertising 
4 hours ago by dancall
Apple News is giving the media everything it wants—except money.
Lots of traffic, no cash. What the news industry did next?
news  business  apple 
6 hours ago by traggett
A quick look at UIKit on macOS · kirbblog
An early investigation into how Marzipan works. Really good investigative work.
macos  ios  marzipan  apple  os  virtualization 
10 hours ago by jefframnani
OS 10.9 - Preview 7.0 NOT showing retina-… - Apple Community
In the meantime, I bought LilyView. You can try it here:

Very simple image editor. I need this for quick looks at images. No frills, although you can cycle through all images in a folder, but it seems to sort them strange. But I just need it to view single images mostly.

Hopefully Preview can come back to support my retina.
corerot  apple 
12 hours ago by foliovision
Safari’s “Siri Suggested” Search Results Highlighted Conspiracy Sites And Fake News
"Siri Suggested Websites come from content on the web and we provide curation to help avoid inappropriate sites. We also remove any inappropriate suggestions whenever we become aware of them, as we have with these. We will continue to work to provide high-quality results and users can email results they feel are inappropriate to" - REALLY?
siri  suggestedwebsites  recommendation  algorithm  safari  apple  buzzfeednews 
13 hours ago by danhon

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