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My Last Conversation with Larry Tesler - TidBITS
Fantastic quote from Larry Tesler:
“The Internet is what humanity has yearned for since the first tribe of homo sapiens became so big that they had to split up and forage out of earshot from one another.”
article  history  internet  apple 
7 hours ago by ocean
The iOS Design Guidelines - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Designer
Designing iOS apps can be difficult sometimes, but finding correct and up-to-date information about all of Apples’ devices shouldn’t be.
design  ios  apple 
13 hours ago by scottarnold
Director Rian Johnson Breaks Down a Scene from 'Knives Out' | Vanity Fair - YouTube
악역은 아이폰 사용 금지입니다, Vanity Fair
- <나이브스 아웃>과 <라스트 제다이> 감독으로 유명한 리안 존슨이 인터뷰에서 밝히길, 애플은 영화의 악역이 아이폰을 사용하는 것을 원하지 않는다고.
apple  iphone  vanityfair 
21 hours ago by yun
iPhone 12 might be forced to offer removable batteries | Tom's Guide
Tired of Apple‘s defiance, the EU parliament voted earlier this month to force all device manufacturers to use a single port standard to reduce waste. Despite Tim Cook's objections, the vote will result in a law specifying which port phone makers should use by this summer. Most likely, this means that we will have an iPhone 12 (or 13, if the law goes into effect too late) with a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port.

The hard battle for user replaceable batteries
The new law to enforce batteries that are easy to replace by users may face a more uphill battle. 
apple  usb  policy 
21 hours ago by jasonsamuels

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