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Michael Tsai - Blog - The Experts Have Taken Over
Some accounts of how Apple’s culture of quality changed after Jobs / Forestall era.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Leading European technical colleges adopt Apple’s Everyone Can Code initiative - Apple (UK)
“London — Apple today announced 70 colleges and universities in Europe have adopted Everyone Can Code, a comprehensive programme designed by Apple to help everyone learn to build mobile apps. These colleges and universities are adopting Apple’s App Development with Swift curriculum…”
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yesterday by metaproof
The Menu Bar: Episode 02 - The Experts Have Taken Over, With Bob Burrough — The Menu Bar

Bob Burrough drops by the bar to discuss his history as a software engineer, the seven years he spent at Apple, his reasons for leaving, and we ponder why we care so much about this company.
apple  history  iphone  podcast  audio 
2 days ago by jefframnani
Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Has One Flaw – and It Hurts - Bloomberg
Some distracted staff are walking into glass panes designed to foster collaboration

2 days ago by maoxian
The Architectural Chase, the Digital Pursuit
Zen-otaph: Steve Jobs and the Meaning Behind Apple’s New Campus
architecture  zen  buddhism  apple  stevejobs  circle  symbolism  design  applepark 
2 days ago by toastednut
How to control video playback on your Apple TV with your HomePod | iMore
You can control more than just the audio volume of your Apple TV with your HomePod. You can control pause/play, and skip ahead, too!
apple  homepod  directions  appletv  video  control 
2 days ago by timstahmer

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