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Why the modern CFO needs to dislike the numbers
"Are the finance role changes outlined in a recent report an accurate reflection of the needs of the modern CFO? I offer an alternative point of view."
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22 hours ago by jonerp
Using R with Jupyter Notebooks (Revolutions)
by Andrie de Vries Reproducible research has been integral to the ethos of R for many years. For example, literate programming allowed you to embed R into various report writing systems. Firstly, there was Sweave, that allowed you to embed R into latex to produce PDF or HTML documents. More recently, knitr and RMarkdown evolved, allowing you to very easily create HTML pages as well as other formats, including HTML5 presentations and even Word documents. Sweave, knitr and RMarkdown al...
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yesterday by shoesiq
RT : RT : Michael Chertoff: “ is inherently neutral. But some potential uses of ma…
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yesterday by nwhyte
Supermax Smart Contract Insights
Supermax helps blockchain companies manage smart contract, token and account insights.
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yesterday by shazow
Enterprise hits and misses – GDPR causes sleep deprivation, Google’s voice AI demo causes techno-hangover
"This week - don't fear GDPR, embrace it: but get ready for a bit of sleep deprivation. Also: Google awes techno-fans with Duplex voice AI, quickly backslides into ethical/PR quagmire. Analytics project failures get scrutiny, and I do the Klout victory dance."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  hits  misses  iot  robotics  ai  machine  intelligence 
2 days ago by jonerp
Revenue Intelligence for Growing Companies | InsightSquared
Turn your CRM data into decision-quality reports and
board-ready visuals with InsightSquared’s
revenue intelligence software
analytics  business  data  sales  ml  USA 
2 days ago by shalmaneser

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