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A few technical words about Upsideclown, and some thoughts about audiences and the web (17 Aug., 2017, at Interconnected)
"This isn’t because I want to optimise an audience; this isn’t because I want to sell ads. This is because it’s nice to know that 17 people read the website and 21 people opened the newsletter, and 36 people read the same story on Facebook, and 6 in an RSS reader -- and gosh that’s like the whole top level of a double decker bus, all those people read my story! When companies deal with millions and billions, I think perhaps they forget how the intimate feels. How sometimes it’s not about a thousand retweets but instead about an audience of readers who come back. With whom you have a relationship. Who appreciate you, and you appreciate them. Yes it’s a pleasure to write, and yes I will do it without needing to get 1,000 likes on each and every story, but also let’s not forget that it’s more pleasant with company." This is all good by Matt - on the way the small-bit-intimate web has been sidelined for the all-or-nothing approach. (I'm glad I still run my own site. I'm glad RSS still works. Small software is important. Maybe web-scale doesn't automatically mean 'big')
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A few technical words about Upsideclown, and some thoughts about audiences and the web (17 Aug., 2017, at Interconnected)
Resuming 17 years after starting gives you a glimpse of the long now of the web.

There are pages I made - the first stories - that I haven't touched in almost two decades and they still work. That's pretty rare for the web. They’ve outlasted most places that encourage you to host their content with them, and even the popularity curve of many programming languages and web frameworks. Databases technologies have come and gone.
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"Now, that’s a huge subject, but it’s one I’ve written about a lot."
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CrowdTangle | Content Discovery and Social Monitoring Made Easy
CrowdTangle helps publishers identify great stories, measure social performance, and identify influencers. It's used by newspapers, television stations, digital media outlets, investigative journalists, entertainment companies, sports teams and nonprofits all over the world. Hundreds of newsrooms and thousands of journalists use the tool every day.
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Geoblink | Geospatial Business Intelligence
I upvoted Geoblink on Product Hunt: Geo-spatial intelligence platform. at August 16, 2017 at 03:14PM
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