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Kissmetrics | Behavioral analytics and engagement platform
Understand what people are doing on your website and products,
and deliver behavior-based emails to engage them every step of the way.
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22 hours ago by kopfbunt
4 Ways Google Analytics Can Benefit Your Business Web Site
Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for businesses to analyze their site traffic.
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23 hours ago by Adventure_Web
How to Use Google Analytics in China | Grizzly Panda Marketing
Although, it is possible to turn off double click and google audience from being triggered. It is ideal to completely create a separate Google Analytics account just for your Chinese website. Doing this will allow you to continue to operate your global website with remarketing turned on, and will give you a more clear and accurate view of your China traffic.
yesterday by HighCharisma
Research Blog: TensorFlow Lattice: Flexibility Empowered by Prior Knowledge
We take advantage of the look-up table’s structure, which can be keyed by multiple inputs to approximate an arbitrarily flexible relationship, to satisfy monotonic relationships that you specify in order to generalize better. That is, the look-up table values are trained to minimize the loss on the training examples, but in addition, adjacent values in the look-up table are constrained to increase along given directions of the input space, which makes the model outputs increase in those directions
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yesterday by janpeuker

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