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Infor buys Birst, beefs up cloud BI to complement ERP - by @whostu
"Infor is buying Birst to flesh out its cloud BI capabilities. It's another savvy acquisition move by CEO Charles Phillips."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain 
15 hours ago by jonerp
MapD 3 & 1.1B Taxi Rides on 2 $AMZN GPU-based P2.XLs.
cloud  aws  analytics  bigdata  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by vdm
Interesting centroid table for some Twitter posts I've been working on.
content  ai  analytics  from twitter
yesterday by neuralmarket
Using google sheets to report analytics
analytics  google 
yesterday by aram
Enterprise hits and misses – the future of automotive and the downside of multi-cloud - by @jonerp
"In this edition: the future of automotive - through a filter of clouds past. Plus: the downside of multi-cloud and the need for "data fluency." Data use cases, machine learning audits, and, yep, AI for community managers. Your whiffs include: more airline fiascos and the riveting excitement of the Microsoft-LinkedIn integration. Adam Sandler and Kenny G make their first hits/misses appearances."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  hits  misses  machine  intelligence  ai 
yesterday by jonerp

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