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Five to Nine's Employee Experience is Changing the World of Work
WiSTEM founders talk about their platform, which aims to increase #community within firms #employee #engagement #culture
employee  engagement  entrepreneur  chicago  b2b  platform  analytics  intimacy  sociality  work  community  Q3  2018  incubator  women  culture 
4 hours ago by csrollyson
TrustRadius challenges software vendors to be more transparent in sales and marketing – but how?
"My last debate with TrustRadius on the impact of peer reviews on B2B buyers was certainly interesting. But their data raised a question we need to answer: how can vendors make their sales and marketing more transparent - and relevant to buyers?"
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  content  marketing  crm  customer  experience  digital 
6 hours ago by jonerp
TVision Insights - The Only Source for TV Attention Data
TVision Insights tells you who’s really watching every second of TV programming and advertising.
television  analytics  measurement  ml  USA 
7 hours ago by shalmaneser
ThreatConnect | Security Operations and Analytics Platform
Threat Intelligence, Analytics, and Orchestration in One Platform
analytics  security  software  ml  USA 
7 hours ago by shalmaneser

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