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The FinancialForce movie – Secrets of Episode 2 - by @brianssommer
"FinancialForce has new leadership, a new focus, new partners and more. But will this reboot of the franchise/company pay big benefits?"
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yesterday by jonerp
What Is Music’s Comic Book Superpower? | NewMusicBox
"The music isn’t just the soundtrack to the characters’ lives; its visual depiction is an intrinsic tool in the storytelling of those lives. Music doesn’t occur like the other sounds in a comic. It challenges the artist to reconcile its presence within the narrative. Its strength is how it resists submission to the micro-episodic nature of panel-by-panel storytelling. And when the creators rise to the occasion, it sings."
music  comics  analysis  art 
yesterday by mechazoidal
The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency – felix salmon – Medium
It’s worth taking a look behind the bitcoin bubble, because there are fascinating implications for anybody who cares about payments, or currencies, or trust.
2013  analysis  cryptocurrency  economics 
2 days ago by bignose

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