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article sur les chiffres du marché du livre en Suède
Si le marché du livre suédois affiche une croissance de + 4,9 % en 2018, les ventes réalisées par les plateformes d’ebooks et de livres audio ont progressé de + 33,4 %.

Tandis que les structures de ventes traditionnelles telles que les librairies et les grandes surfaces ont vu leurs ventes baisser de - 0,2%, les trois plateformes de téléchargements ont progressé leurs ventes de + 13,8 % avec 48,2 millions de livres vendus, dont 17,8 millions de livres audio.

Cet engouement pour les plateformes de téléchargements cache en fait un prix plus attractif générant moins de bénéfices pour les éditeurs. Si ces derniers touchent 126 SEK (11,88 euros) grâce aux ventes réalisées par les espaces de ventes traditionnelles, ils ne touchent que 36 SEK (3,39 euros) via les ventes effectuées par ces plateformes.

Le succès des ebooks et des livres audio causent également la baisse des ventes des supports imprimés. La fiction écrite a ainsi diminué de - 6,1 % tandis que les livres frissons enregistrent une baisse de - 5,5%.

Néanmoins certains genres comptabilisent une progression de leurs ventes, tels que la littérature jeunesse (+ 8,3%), la littérature étrangère (+ 2,2%) ou encore la non-fiction (+ 3,8%).
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27 days ago by SophieStM
Empathy Map
Empathie Map:
Tool zur Zielgruppenanalyse
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5 weeks ago by HelleWahnsinn
Earned Value Analyse in agilen Projekten | ¡think!agile
Vorlage und Beispiel zur Erstellung einer Earned Value Analyse innerhalb agiler Projekte als Excel Vorlage mit automatisch erstellen Fortschrittsdiagrammen.
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7 weeks ago by schiko
Performance Calendar » Magic numbers
What Nielsen doesn’t do, however, is prove that those numbers are true with research of any kind. Jakob Nielsen is simply stating these limits as facts, but no science has been done to prove that they are true. And ever since, the entire web community has believed what a self-proclaimed expert said on the matter and turned it into guidelines.
It is disappointing to find out that we don’t know much about web performance from a scientific perspective. WPO stats might contain a lot of compelling-looking case studies, but the detailed data behind those is rarely, if ever, shared. And they’re usually about how performance improvements may drive sales, without answering fundamental questions about whether things feel fast to users.
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10 weeks ago by Stolzenhain
UBS Declares That "Tesla Has Won The Race And Leads The Championship" With EVs | CleanTechnica
UBS found that the motor in the Model 3 was likely “moderately more expensive” than the analysis team had estimated. Specifically, they found that a shift to silicone carbide in the inverter resulted in a 10% increase in semi content in the powertrain. All told, the UBS investigation found that a Standard Range Tesla Model 3 would likely have to be sold at a loss of $6,000 per vehicle based on what they knew at the time. (We have since learned from an Elon Musk email to employees that the car would cost Tesla approximately $38,000 to make, for a loss of $3,000.)

In other words, Tesla still has its work cut out for it to bring a $35,000 Model 3 to market. When Tesla surprised everyone with a Limited Edition Mid-Range (LEMR) Model 3 in October, Musk said that part of the reason the company was releasing the LEMR was that Tesla could do so and make money on it now versus waiting until around February for work on the Standard Range version to wrap up. The public purpose of doing so was to allow more early Model 3 reservation holders the chance to get a Model 3 and the full $7,500 EV tax credit before it is cut in half on January 1, 2019. There’s also speculation that Tesla needed to offer the lower-priced model in order to stimulate more demand before shifting deliveries to Europe, China, Japan, and beyond.
UBS also found that the Tesla Model 3 had been built with significantly less high-voltage wiring compared to the Chevy Bolt EV — 80% less wiring, to be exact. That’s largely a function of Tesla having learned from its previous vehicles and leveraging that expertise in designing the Model 3. Having already hit its cap of 200,000 vehicle deliveries in the US alone, Tesla is clearly the leader in electric vehicle design and manufacturing amongst American automakers.
UBS sees autonomous driving as a foundational item on the checklist for modern cars and found that Tesla is far ahead of the pack relative to its peers. The analysts found that the Model 3 has better connectivity and computing power — and, funny enough, that doesn’t even take into account Tesla’s third-generation of hardware (HW3), which Tesla designed completely in house.
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december 2018 by snearch - Welcome to the wonderful world of Web Performance is an open source tool that helps you analyse and optimise your website speed and performance, based on performance best practices. Run it locally or use it in your continuous integration. Download or fork it on Github!
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november 2018 by jppferguson

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