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State preparing for $14.3 billion Amazon impact by 2030 - Daily Press
As Amazon begins its move into Virginia, the state is preparing for what is projected to be a major economic boost over the next decade.
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New York Touted Real Estate, Eminent Domain in Bid for Amazon - WSJ
In their bid for Inc.’s second headquarters, New York City and state officials dangled prime real estate at the tech giant and offered to use eminent domain to scoop up any necessary properties for a campus, newly disclosed documents revealed Monday night.
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Super Micro found no evidence of iCloud spy chips after audit
The supplier at the heart of Bloomberg's contentious iCloud spy chip story has completed its promised audit, and has told customers that it found no evidence of server tampering.
In a letter to customers, Super Micro has specifically denied Bloomberg's allegations again. In a letter to customers, the server designer and manufacturer said that a promised audit is complete, and there is no evidence of the attack in software or hardware.

Third-party Nardello & Co was tapped for the audit, according to Reuters. The firm not just looked at engineering documents, but also tested samples of motherboards not just in production, but also ones that were sold to Apple and Amazon and found no evidence of a chip that could perform the surveillance and pass-along of data that the report alleged.

Super Micro says that it is continuing to evaluate its legal actions in response to the story. As a result of the reporting, Super Micro stock fell from $21.40 to $12.60 in one day. It has since only climbed to a high of $16.35.
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Jeff Bezos admits Amazon has 'the weirdest meeting culture you will ever encounter' - Business Insider Nordic
"For every meeting, someone from the meeting has prepared a six-page, narratively structured memo that has real sentences and topic sentences and verbs. It's not just bullet points. It's supposed to create the context for the discussion we're about to have."
6 hours ago by siggiarni
Amazon Is Bringing in Elite Lobbyists Amid Seething Rage Over HQ2 - VICE
As the company tries to erect a massive headquarters in America’s largest city, it has come up against staunch opposition from residents, politicians and unions—all concerned the powerful monopoly will serve to inflate rent and strain local infrastructure, especially the housing supply and subway system. And while it might seem like a trillion-dollar company could easily quash protesting naysayers, turns out CEO Jeff Bezos might actually have good reason to try and win the haters over.

On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported Amazon hired high-powered Democratic consulting firm SKD Knickerbocker, and a lobbying shop called Greenberg Traurig, to help smooth the way forward for its new HQ. While Amazon remained relatively tight-lipped, the company has sought to make inroads into affected communities—planning meetings with public-housing residents and reaching out to members of the city council. ....

According to Richard Brodsky, a lawyer and veteran Democratic politician who served in the state assembly, if city officials or other activists took Amazon or the politicians who supported the plan to court, they could employ legislative subpoenas to demand more documentation of the project, and investigate compliance issues. Brodsky argued Amazon’s bid might provide the jobs promised, but that the company still had a long way to go in informing the public about how it would impact communities.
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WooCommerce Integration App - Sync Amazon and eBay | Codisto LINQ Plugin
Codisto LINQ eBay integration extensions for Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce. XpressLister FREE eBay listing tool.
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Amazon Echo Auto Connects Alexa to Your Car for Only $25 • Gear Patrol
All Is Right in the World. 1966 Broncos Are Being Built with Ford’s Blessing Gateway Bronco officially signed a licensing deal with Ford for its restoration and modified builds of 1966 and 1977 Broncos. via Pocket
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Webcam 720P HD, GUCEE HD92 Skype Web Camera Wide Angle with Microphone USB Plug and Play Web Cam, Widescreen Video Callling Recording for PC Computer Laptop for Mac, Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10: Computers & Accessories
Webcam 720P HD, GUCEE HD92 Skype Web Camera Wide Angle with Microphone USB Plug and Play Web Cam, Widescreen Video Callling Recording for PC Computer Laptop for Mac, Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
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Opinion | Hate Amazon? Try Living Without It - The New York Times
My dad was a longtime labor activist. He despises what Jeff Bezos built, but he can’t quit it.
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