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YouTube, Amazon in a race over live sports rights
But YouTube TV’s biggest competitor at the moment for sports streaming primacy is likely Amazon Prime, more than any OTT package from a traditional cable company. Amazon, the omnivore terrorizing almost every industry, outbid Twitter for the right to stream 11 Thursday Night Football games this season. In November, it added the ATP streaming channel Tennis TV and it is reportedly very close to buying a Premier League soccer package.
Amazon  YouTube 
1 hour ago by motiveunknown
AWS CloudMapper
CloudMapper creates network diagrams of AWS environments
aws  amazon  devops  sysadmin  network  mapping 
1 hour ago by garrettc
Amazon Music Hires Ex-WBR President Dan McCarroll as Global Head of Originals, Artist Relations
Dan McCarroll, former president and head of A&R for Warner Bros. Records, has joined Amazon Music as global head of originals and artist relations. In his new role, McCarroll will work with his teams alongside artists, managers and labels to create ways to "elevate" new and catalog releases through original programming. "Dan is joining the Amazon Music team with an incredibly valuable artist's perspective," said Alex Luke, Global Head of Programming and Content Strategy. "As we continue to work closely with labels and artists to deliver music in new ways, Dan is bringing decades of experience both as a former musician, and a respected industry executive to our team.
dd  amazon 
5 hours ago by motiveunknown
The techlash against Amazon, Facebook and Google—and what they can do - A memo to big tech
Eve Smith <> Silicon Valley, we have a problem 1 message
Eve Smith, Invisible Hand Strategies, LLC <>
To: Jeff Bezos <>, Mark Zuckerberg <>, Sundar Pichai <>
amazon  facebook  google  twitter  apple  techlash  Internet  internetregulierung  maschinellesLernen  machinelearning  AI  Algorithmus  DigitaleWirtschaft 
7 hours ago by amprekord
How ProPublica Became Big Tech’s Scariest Watchdog
The nonprofit is fighting fire with fire, developing algorithms and bots that hold Facebook and Amazon accountable.
amazon  facebook  accountability  algorithms  fastcodesign 
8 hours ago by jorgebarba
As Whole Foods merges with Amazon, local suppliers watch and worry - Feb. 19, 2018
In recent months, Whole Foods has told some vendors that the prices it charges for high-profile store placement will be going up, for example, especially in regions that had charged little or nothing before. It's also monitoring inventory more carefully, with the help of an outside company to make sure that displays are executed correctly.
Amazon  antitrust 
18 hours ago by brycecovert
Amazon Fresh Meal Kits: Blue Apron Shouldn't Worry | Fortune
A century ago, there was a retailing monster that threatened all of the local mom-and-pop stores that served clients at high prices with minimal selection. That was Sears.
amazon  blue  apron  sears 
20 hours ago by LuDuMu
Key gig economy case reaches Supreme Court - BBC News
[of interest also for delivery service industry eg DPD Parcelforce Amazon, as well as Germany sub-contractor space - Zeitarbeit and Leiharbeit] The case hinges on the distinction between Mr Smith's status as either a self-employed contractor, or a worker for the company.

He was VAT-registered and paying tax on a self-employed basis, but worked solely for Pimlico Plumbers.
Self-Employment  gig  economy  labour  practices  workers  trade  union  rights  neoliberal  neoliberalism  tax  evasion  avoidance  profit  maximisation  welfare  state  Uber  Amazon  DPD  1099 
21 hours ago by asterisk2a
Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon? — Krebs on Security
“Based on what I could see from the ‘sneak peak’ function, the book was nothing more than a computer generated ‘story’ with no structure, chapters or paragraphs — only lines of text with a carriage return after each sentence,” Reames said in an interview with KrebsOnSecurity.

The impersonator priced the book at $555 and it was posted to multiple Amazon sites in different countries. The book — which as been removed from most Amazon country pages as of a few days ago — is titled “Lower Days Ahead...
amazon  darkweb  crime 
yesterday by max_read
AWS Security Primer
I was preparing some AWS Security related training. Soon, I realized that this topic is too huge to fit into my brain. So I s...
security  amazon  aws  devops 
yesterday by lenciel

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