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Predictive hiring algorithms are rife with bias.
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4 days ago by dsalo
AdventOfCode Day 4 - High-Entropy Passphrases | Accelerated Science
Part 1: mathematical approach

1. Looking at the bottom right of the grid above we see that the maximum square root in each ring is actually giving us the number of elements in the row and column of its ring. This is easy to convert into the number of the ring, because as we have already seen we add two at each step, starting from one, so to get from the number of elements to the number of the ring we need to just subtract one and divide by two:

2. First though, to be able to do it for any numb...
advent-of-code  2017  algorithms 
4 days ago by hellsten
The "Yellow Jackets" Riots In France Are What Happens When Facebook Gets Involved With Local News
French départements are numbered, so between January and February, demonstrations with names like “Anger 24” or “Anger 87” would pop up, shut down roads, and protest things like labor law reforms,
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4 days ago by osfa
RT : Looking foward to our & Society Workshop tomorrow ! We have some great people joining us inc…
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4 days ago by Surliminal

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