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Computers can solve your problem. You may not like the answer. - The Boston Globe
But no one anticipated the crush of opposition that followed. Angry parents signed an online petition and filled the school committee chamber, turning the plan into one of the biggest crises of Mayor Marty Walsh’s tenure. The city summarily dropped it. The failure would eventually play a role in the superintendent’s resignation.
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RT : A Harvard Mathematician Reveals How Are Making Police And Courts More Biased
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Start With Gradient Boosting, Results from Comparing 13 Algorithms on 165 Datasets
Start With Gradient Boosting, Results from Comparing 13 Algorithms on 165 Datasets - Added March 29, 2018 at 11:58AM
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erikbrinkman/d3-dag: Layout algorithms for visualizing directed acyclic graphs
Often data sets are hierarchical, but are not in a tree structure, such as genetic data. In these instances d3-hierarchy may not suit your needs, which is why d3-dag (Directed Acyclic Graph) exists. This module implements a data structures for manipulating DAGs that mimics the API of d3-hierarchy as much as possible.
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