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The Seductive Diversion of ‘Solving’ Bias in Artificial Intelligence
"In short, the preoccupation with narrow computational puzzles distracts us from the far more important issue of the colossal asymmetry between societal cost and private gain in the rollout of automated systems. It also denies us the possibility of asking: Should we be building these systems at all?" – Julia Powles & Data & Society Affiliate Helen Nissenbaum,
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The Chair Project — Office of Philipp Schmitt
The chAIr Project is a series of four chairs co-designed by artificial intelligence and human designers. The project explores a collaborative creative process between the two.

We trained a generative neural network (GAN) using a dataset of iconic 20th-century chairs with the goal to “generate a classic”. The resulting model was used to generate new chairs — semi-abstract visual prompts for a human designer who used them as a starting point for actual chair design concepts.

The project reverses the roles of human and machine in the design process and industrial production. It explores co-creativity between humans and AI, taking the chair — the archetype of a designed object — as an example.

The chAIr Project is a collaboration between Philipp Schmitt, Steffen Weiss, and two neural networks.
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