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Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2018/962 - Zexe: Enabling Decentralized Private Computation
Interesting use of zcash protocol for arbitrary computation purposes. Might enable a distributed exchange
Zcash  protocol  zero  knowledge  proof  algorithm  cryptography  research  computer  science 
yesterday by asteroza
An Evolutionary Approach To Problem Solving
Survivor selection picks μ Individuals that would be the best to propagate into the next generation; however, it’s not as easy as picking the fittest μ Individuals. Always picking the μ best Individuals leads to premature convergence, a way of saying we “got a good solution, but not the best solution”. The Evolutionary Algorithm simply did not explore the search space enough to find other, fitter solutions.
ai  algorithm  Emergence 
3 days ago by janpeuker
Opinion | When Your Boss Is an Algorithm - The New York Times
Over the past four years, I have traveled more than 5,000 miles in more than 25 cities, interviewing 125 drivers for Uber and other ride-hailing apps, as well as taxi drivers, and observing hundreds more. And I have spent countless hours in Facebook groups and other online forums for drivers, which collectively have 300,000 members, to better understand their experiences. I have learned that drivers at ride-hailing companies may have the freedom and flexibility of gig economy work, but they are still at the mercy of a boss — an algorithmic boss.
algorithm  work  uber 
4 days ago by craniac

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