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Post-vacation update on recalls project. We’ve just started Sprint 4, during which we’ll build th…
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yesterday by mgifford
Amazon Echo Auto Connects Alexa to Your Car for Only $25 • Gear Patrol
All Is Right in the World. 1966 Broncos Are Being Built with Ford’s Blessing Gateway Bronco officially signed a licensing deal with Ford for its restoration and modified builds of 1966 and 1977 Broncos. via Pocket
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2 days ago by evansthompson
Animate a Billy Bass Mouth With Any Audio Source: 5 Steps (with Pictures)
"Update 12/18: Because the world is weird, Amazon now actually sells an Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass. The bad news is that it's very limited and the reviews are terrible. The good news is that it's one of the most hackable versions of the fish yet with lots of swappable JST connections inside and optimized for 5v USB power."
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3 days ago by gohai
Stop Ignoring Your Smart Speaker's Privacy Functions -
In the four months since we bought the heavily discounted smart speaker (thanks, Amazon Prime Day!), I’ve never really worried about Alexa invading my privacy. But, according to new research from the University of Michigan School of Information, per…
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4 days ago by evansthompson
Amazon Alexa to let Apple Music play through speakers • Bloomberg
Mark Gurman:
<p>Apple Inc. and Inc. announced their second partnership this month: the iPhone maker’s music-streaming service is coming to Amazon’s Echo devices in December.

The move gets Apple Music onto the most-popular voice-controlled speakers, giving it distribution beyond Apple’s own devices. Subscribers will be able to control Apple Music with Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, the first time Apple has opened up its music service to full voice control outside its own Siri technology.

The decision pushes Apple’s music service into more living rooms at a time when its own internet-connected speaker, the HomePod, hasn’t sold as well as the competition. Given the breadth of Alexa-enabled speakers on the market, the move could also boost Apple’s own subscription numbers.

"This is further evidence that Apple sees it needs to work with other hardware players in order to advance Apple Music, and it is an admission that the HomePod has been a disappointment," said Gene Munster of Loup Ventures.</p>

Combined with the decision to let Amazon sell iPhones, Gurman wonders whether there's a rapprochement between the two companies. I think it's more that it's win-win for Amazon to sell iPhones etc. As for the choice between allowing Apple Music to go on the Echo (which I bet you both Apple and Amazon wanted - probably Amazon a tiny bit more than Apple, because it becomes a selling point for the Echo): it's more simple economics. Apple Music is already on the Sonos systems, so price isn't the barrier. There's no sensible reason to keep it off the Echo on that basis.

Now the question is whether Apple Music will show up on Google Home. I wonder if that depends on who sees the telemetry data.
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
The Unfortunates: Interacting with an Audio Story for Smart Speakers - BBC R&D
One of the most challenging parts of building an application for smart speakers - certainly more challenging than writing the software itself - is designing the conversation flow through the application, mapping out what the device is going to say and anticipating what users might say in response and to make requests for functionality. Our application ended up having three strands of content: the main story, The Advance Guard of the Avant-garde (a documentary about 1960s experimental literature), and a behind-the-scenes making-of discussion (like a director’s commentary on a DVD). At any time, the user could either be listening to one of these strands of content or re-entering the skill and navigating their way to one of the other strands. The nature of voice commands means that the user can interrupt any of these modes and jump to another state at any time, and the nature of the devices means that use sessions might be in one long chunk, or paused and resumed over a day, or several days.
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9 days ago by sentinelle
will smart assistants take over
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12 days ago by madnaut
On The Witness Stand Is Going To Be Killer For . The Internet of Things can and will be used against…
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12 days ago by kcarruthers

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