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Der Grwinner beim Europe ist - Ein für , der es erlaubt, Audio-Clips einfach zu teil…
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2 days ago by homofaber
DeepMusic Alexa skill serves up AI-generated songs • MusicAlly
Stuart Dredge:
<p>Amid all the industry conversation about how smart speakers will affect the way people listen to music, the assumption has been that the music in question will be made by humans.

Here’s a new Alexa skill to make you think, though. It’s called <a href="">DeepMusic</a>, and has just launched for Alexa-powered devices like the Echo speakers.

“DeepMusic is an Alexa skill that enables you to listen to songs generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Each song was composed entirely using AI. The songs were generated using a collection of audio samples and a deep recurrent neural network. There has been no post-production editing by a human,” explains its description on Amazon’s store.

AI was also used to create the artwork shown on the screen-equipped Echo Show and Echo Spot speakers. The skill can be tested by saying ‘Alexa, open DeepMusic’ and then commands like ‘Alexa, ask DeepMusic to play a song’.</p>

We've had quite a few "AI music" links over the past few years. There was <a href=""></a> in August 2016, an <a href="">AI-generated song</a> in November 2016, and <a href="">DeepBach</a> in December 2016. If anyone wants to let us know how DeepMusic sounds, we'd love a review.
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2 days ago by charlesarthur
Amazon annonce l'arrivée de son enceinte Echo et de son assistant Alexa en France
Très attendu, le lancement de l'assistant vocal d'Amazon devrait intervenir ces prochains mois dans l'Hexagone.

Les rumeurs se confirment. Dans un message publié sur son site, Amazon a annoncé l'arrivée en France d'Alexa, son assistant vocal, et de son enceinte connectée Echo. Aucune date n'est cependant mentionnée. «Alexa se lancera en France plus tard cette année», se contente d'indiquer un communiqué de l'entreprise.

«Alexa est l'intelligence qui donne vie à Echo», est-il indiqué dans le message du géant du e-commerce, en faisant mention de son enceinte connectée, qui devrait également être lancée en France ces prochains mois. «Elle peut répondre à vos questions, jouer de la musique, lire les nouvelles, vous donner les prévisions météo, et plus encore… Il suffit de lui demander».
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6 days ago by sentinelle
Alexa: how can I be a better office worker?
March 12, 2018 | FT | Richard Waters in San Francisco

Amazon has announced that its Alexa voice service was now ready for business use, four months after it first disclosed the technology was being adapted to become a language interface for general work tasks.

The attempt to turn Alexa into a mainstream interface for office computing opens a new front in the battle with Microsoft, already its main rival in the cloud computing market.

“It looks as though Amazon is stomping all over Microsoft’s patch even though they did an alliance between Alexa and Cortana,” said Richard Windsor, an independent tech analyst.

The alliance linking the two company’s digital assistants, announced in August last year, was meant to let Alexa users call on tasks handled by Cortana, and vice versa. However, it has yet to result in a working link, and Amazon’s push to win over office workers — Microsoft’s core users — has intensified competition between the two companies.....To prepare Alexa for office use, Amazon had added a management layer and allowed companies to create applications, or “skills”, that can integrate with the voice interface while at the same time keeping them private.
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7 days ago by jerryking
Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home and more: We put 7 speakers to the test - BBC News
The BBC compares 7 smart speakers (but doesn’t really recommend any of them)
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8 days ago by nrturner

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