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EBook2.0 Magazine – スマートフォンの再来は本当だった
「VASS(音声駆動スマートスピーカ)がTVとスマートフォンからそれぞれ時間シェアを奪っている」 / スマートフォンの再来は本当だった - E-BOOK 2.0 MAGAZINE
VASS  音声駆動スマートスピーカー  alexa  GoogleHome 
2 days ago by minoguchi
Turn a Raspberry Pi into an Alexa Client
This is the code needed to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a client for Amazon's Alexa service, I have developed this against the Pi 2 but I see no reason it shouldn't run on the other models.
raspberrypi  alexa  amazon 
2 days ago by awhite
Ready for ? By 2022 nearly 50% of households will have a Speaker.
USA  Alexa  Smart  Echo  VirtualAssistants  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by dtomoff
Amazonが解説する次世代の対話インターフェース、Alexaの仕組み | Think IT(シンクイット)
Amazonが解説する次世代の対話インターフェース、Alexaの仕組み @thinkitcojpさんから
amazon  alexa  ai 
3 days ago by minoguchi
Mathelehrer Daniel Jung (360.000 Abonnenten auf YouTube) erzählte in , wie
Alexa  Vallendar  from twitter
5 days ago by homofaber
39 million Americans now own a smart speaker, report claims
"Today, 16 percent of Americans own a smart speaker, or around 39 million people." 64% want to do home automation with 'em. Some charts too.
IoT  googlehome  voice  alexa  marketshare 
5 days ago by cote

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