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« earlier - Monitor Cron Jobs. Get Notified When Your Cron Jobs Fail
Make a HTTP GET request to this address from your cron job, daemon, script or long running task. When this address is not requested for a set time period, you will get alerted. Below are snippets that are ready to be copy/pasted into your own scripts.
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4 weeks ago by tonious
Elsevier Acquires SSRN - The Scholarly Kitchen
"Although Mendeley has been to all users, it clearly has strengths in the STM fields, so SSRN will now provide it with an opportunity to acquire a new user population as a result of a variety of integrations between the two services. We should expect these to include connections between SSRN author pages and Mendeley professional profiles, and workflow connections that allow Mendeley collaborative groups to submit papers for distribution and perhaps eventually review and publication. There will also be other opportunities to strengthen SSRN for its authors, with plans to link preprints on SSRN with Scopus, bringing analytics about article “performance” to SSRN authors, and to bring improved links between working papers and preprints with their eventual published version"
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5 weeks ago by jschneider
Dead man's switch with AWS CloudWatch: Freshness-Alerting for Backups and Co | - Soenke Ruempler
A recent challenge for one of the teams I am currently involved was to find a way in AWS CloudWatch: To alert if the metric breaches a specified threshold. To alert if a particular metric has not bee
alerting  cloudwatch  deadman  aws 
8 weeks ago by mattfinlayson

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