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airbnb/Lona: A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts.
A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, images, and other artifacts.
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2 days ago by fjordaan
Zora: Exquisite vacation rentals by innclusive.
All amenities sourced from women of color:

1/ blowdryer with comb and a flat iron
2/ satin pillows
3/ free, fast and reliable internet
4/ neighborhoods hand-picked for safety
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7 days ago by yolandaenoch
Airbnb buys ‘Airbnb for disabled people’ startup Accomable in accessibility upgrade | TechCrunch
Airbnb, the accommodation and travel startup that is now valued at $31 billion, is today announcing an acquisition that points to how it wants to address the travel needs of more kinds of customers. It has bought Accomable, a startup based out of London that focuses on travel listings that are disabled-friendly. Along with the announcement Airbnb is refreshing its own accessibility features as the first stage in how it hopes to develop them.

As part of the acquisition, Accomable will be winding down its business, co-founder and CEO Srin Madipalli said in an interview this week here in London, as the startup’s team begins work on building out both more specific features for the Airbnb platform, and a community of hosts who can accommodate disabled visitors — and in turn, to attract more of those looking to book disabled-friendly travel.
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7 days ago by dancall
Salon: 6 cities harmed by AirBnb’s brand of gentrification
The share economy has democratized travel for many, making it cheaper to explore new places while supposedly providing guests with more personal service than they would receive from hotel chains or taxi cabs. But it’s no secret that the ever-popular AirBnb has caused damage since launching almost 10 years ago. Airbnb has amplified the problem of gentrification in some of its most popular destinations. Small historic cities, many of whose central districts were designed hundreds of years ago for Read the full story
Shared from Apple News
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11 days ago by ahasteve
(2) Thinking in Symbols for Universal Design - Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb - YouTube
In this talk, Benjamin Wilkins, Design Technologist at Airbnb touches on the internationalization and localization of design elements, and how might we design with consistency for multiple interface targets like Android, iOS, Virtual Reality, or even Natural Language interfaces.
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11 days ago by fjordaan
I Rented Apartments To Rent Out On Airbnb For Profit
How you can sub-let property on Airbnb but is risky
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12 days ago by cd
Do cities still want a sharing economy? | TechCrunch
Much has been said in recent months about Uber and its travails as a company, with big leadership changes, and then an outright ban in London. Even so, Ubers (and Lyfts) are rolling down city streets, and the 40 million monthly active riders indicate that this is an incredibly popular transportation option.

Many people love using Airbnb, as well, as the company cites 150 million global users. However, concerns continue to arise coast to coast over its impact on neighborhoods and existing services. These companies — representative of much of the public conception of the “sharing economy” — have, together with others in the on-demand space, upended traditional business models and ushered in vast innovation to our cities.
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14 days ago by dancall

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