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Michael Tsai - Blog - Tooth Fairy
"Tooth Fairy helps you to switch connection of selected bluetooth devices, for example, AirPods, directly from menu bar or even global hotkey."
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yesterday by handcoding
Apple's AirPods are winning with the critics that matter • The Verge
Vlad Savov:
<p>In classic Apple fashion, the AirPod wireless earphones were launched with a generous heaping of hyperbole last year. The universal headphone jack was, according to Apple, out of date, and it was time we all got on the wireless bandwagon — with those pearly-white cigarette stub lookalikes serving as our ticket to the future. I very much doubted the $159 AirPods, and I was certainly put off by Apple's haughty presentation, but user feedback appears to be proving me wrong. One survey published this week reports <a href="">98% of AirPod buyers have been satisfied</a> with their purchase, many even saying they liked the earphones more than they thought they would.

That leads me to the topic of this article, which is about heeding the important feedback and discarding the noise. Just as inevitable as the Apple hype is the corresponding wave of counter-hype. Apple: it's magical. Vlad: it would take real magic to see me with these in my ears. Both of those things are examples of noise: you'll never hear a company launch a new product with anything but the most positive articulations of its revolutionary nature, and whatever I or any other critic have to say before they've tried the product is based mostly on conjecture and should be treated as such. </p>

Surprised it's only 98%, to be honest. Only wrinkle I notice: sometimes it's hard to persuade the iPhone to give up its link to them in favour of the Watch. (Solution: turn off Bluetooth on the phone, return pods to charger, take them out.)
2 days ago by charlesarthur
iOS 11 Tidbits: customizable Control Center, one-handed keyboard, type to Siri and more • Mac Rumors
Juli Clover with a long roundup of the little twiddles in iOS 11 that didn't get a mention. I noticed this particularly:
<p>- AirPods settings - AirPods can now be customized with separate double tap gestures for the left and right AirPod. One can be set to access Siri, for example, while another can be set to play the next track. In iOS 10, double tap settings are applied to both AirPods.

<img src="" width="100%" /></p>

This is very useful - for all the people who wanted buttons on AirPods, this is basically that, but through gestures. A bit hidden, though; AirPods should have their own app. Putting this in Settings means most people won't know they can do this.
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13 days ago by charlesarthur
What's in Serenity's WWDC 2017 gear bag? | iMore
When it comes to packing for WWDC, it's all about patterns.
I've been in northern California for six WWDCs since 2011: One in-town experience, and five cross-country packing journeys.
Each WWDC has required slightly different tools and bag needs, and 2017 is no different. This year, I'm coming to San Jose directly from a roller derby tournament in Milwaukee: As a result, I needed to be smarter than ever about what I packed, how much I packed, and the bag I packed it in.
I'm exceedingly thankful for my five past WWDC experiences, which have let me get a handle on what I need and what I can get away with leaving at home; I wouldn't have been able to pack this year's bag without them.
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19 days ago by rgl7194
What's in Lory's WWDC 2017 gear bag? | iMore
I'll be heading to WWDC 2017 next week and I've got a bag full of tricks to help me get through it!
Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a few days away. I don't have to travel as far as my iMore companions, but I do like to take a lot of gear with me. While trying to pack as minimally as possible, I'll still be toting around my most important gadgets. Here's what's in my bag this year, and more importantly, what my bag is.
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19 days ago by rgl7194
What's in Rene's WWDC 2017 gear bag? | iMore
What does our editorial director, Rene Ritchie, carry with him to cover events? Here's the list!
WWDC 2017 starts Monday, June 5, and I'm about to start packing my bags. Right now, all the gear I'm taking with me is all laid out, ready for a final check. The specifics of that gear has grown, shrunk, and changed over the years. Sometimes I lug a DSLR and lenses as big as a thermos. Other times I try to go iPhone-only. So, what's in the bag this time? And, hey, what's the bag?
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19 days ago by rgl7194
Mein linkes Ohr verbraucht mehr Strom.
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23 days ago by eay
No AirPods For Old Men : the Ugly Truth of AirPods in Japan – Ata Distance
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4 weeks ago by hail2u

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