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Four months using AirPods everywhere... almost - Six Colors
In the four months since I got a set of AirPods, they have colonized my life in ways both surprising and unsurprising. As someone who would never have been caught dead using a pair of Apple’s wired earbuds—either originals or EarPods—I’m a little surprised about this myself.
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16 days ago by rgl7194
How to use Find My iPhone to rescue your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirPods | iMore
How do I turn on Find My iPhone? Tracking your iPhone is easy!
Find My iPhone lets you remotely track your lost, stolen, or misplaced Apple device — be it an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac — from virtually anywhere, as long as the device in question has some kind of internet connection. Not only can Find My iPhone help you locate a stolen or lost device, it can also assist in remotely wiping your private information so your device data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. If you're not sure where to start, we can walk you through enabling Find My iPhone on all your devices as well as how to track them both on the web and through the Find My iPhone app!
If Family Sharing is enabled and everyone shares their locations, you can track all devices from just one!
How to enable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad How to access Find My iPhone via the web How to access Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch How to track an iPhone or iPad with Find My iPhone and Family Sharing
find_my_device  iphone  howto  tracking  ipad  mac  airpods 
19 days ago by rgl7194
Craig Camp's Mac, iPhone, and iPad setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Craig Camp, and I’m the General Manager at Troon Vineyard in Oregon. We make natural wines in the Applegate Valley in the mountains of Southern Oregon. I also publish The Wine Camp Blog.
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28 days ago by rgl7194
Apple's next gen AirPods tipped to offer serious health tracking
Evidence continues to mount that Apple is looking at smartening up its AirPods with biometric sensors to track your health and fitness.

The latest rumours come courtesy of a patent recently filed by the Cupertino company that was spotted by the folks at Patently Apple. It is reportedly Apple's third patent in relation to next gen AirPods.
digital-health  Apple  AirPods 
4 weeks ago by PieroRivizzigno
Apple AirPods: Features, Specifications, Pricing, and How They Work
How to get your AirPods set up, control your music with Siri—and what happens if you lose one.
5 weeks ago by twleung
AirPods 体验报告:满足了我的所有期待
前几天没有忍住,下单了苹果的无线耳机:AirPods。这款耳机去年随 iPhone 7 发布,直到现在仍然处于缺货状态,任何时候去苹果官网看发货时间都是六周以后。虽然离发售已经过去了半年了。
airpods  tech 
6 weeks ago by sevdrake
iOS 11 Lets AirPods Users Change Tracks With a Double Tap - Mac Rumors
Owners of AirPods will soon be able to skip forwards and backwards between tracks with a simple double tap of either earpiece, thanks to an...
8 weeks ago by twleung

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