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In Siebenbürgen leben die letzten echten Bauern Europas
18.05.2018 · In Siebenbürgen hat sich das alte bäuerliche Leben bewahrt. Da gibt es giftigen Schnaps, süße Büffelmilch und Weihrauch im Überfluss. Die Bauern versorgen die Kinder und Arbeiter in der Ferne mit Nahrung und Heimat. Anders wollen sie gar nicht leben.
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3 days ago by Cervus
Urban vertical farming, hydroponics
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5 days ago by tobym
Sarah Taber:
So, taking it that you said you live in Arizona and "your family has a farm in Chihuahua," a quick congratulations are in order. You're an absentee landowner! You're right at the peak of farming's social pyramid. Living the dream.

It's really interesting to me that the conversation around vegetarianism & the environment is so strongly centered on an assumptions that every place in the world is on the limited land/surplus plan. You know what region that describes really well? Northwestern Europe.
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6 days ago by yolandaenoch
Glass Gem Corn
Ornamental variety, many colors
plants  agriculture  corn 
6 days ago by nelson

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