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TOGAF Architectural Artifacts
Architectural Description
Library Viewpoint
togaf  artifacts  viewpoint  view  environment  system  concern  mission  model  aggregation  uml 
3 days ago by bharrison
Tech news aggregation website
aggregation  technology  news 
25 days ago by cd
Tech Goes to Washington - by @benthompson #facebook #google
"Still, Kennedy’s two lines of questions combined revealed the tech companies’ testimony for the paradox it was: on the one hand, their sheer scale means it is impossible to fully stamp out activities like Russian meddling; on the other, that same scale means they all have the most intimate information on nearly everyone."
articles  aggregation  theory  distribution  and  transaction  costs  facebook  google  owning  customer  relationship  politics  privacy  search  social  technology  society  twitter 
5 weeks ago by jonerp
Global Wine Score: One single score, aggregated from wine critics
The Global Wine Score has been the first project developed by our team. It is a worldwide rating which assesses wines with a single score, providing comprehensive and comparable information for all industry players.
It is an average adjusted score aggregating the major wine critics. It takes into account their ways of rating and their respective scales to provide an indicator minimizing the experts subjectivity.
score  wine  aggregator  aggregation  rating  critic  data  dataanalysis  winedata 
7 weeks ago by csaper
Defining aggregators
Aggregation Theory describes how platforms (i.e. aggregators) come to dominate the industries in which they compete in a systematic and predictable way.
- Direct Relationship with Users
- Zero Marginal Costs For Serving Users
- Demand-driven Multi-sided Networks with Decreasing Acquisition Costs
marketplace  aggregation 
9 weeks ago by Tiberiade
sloonz/ua: Universal Aggregator
This is a set of tools to aggregate all your information into your maildir. Each tool can be used separately ; you can find a more complete description in their respective folder.
aggregation  rss  maildir  data.hoarding 
10 weeks ago by tonious
GitHub - sloonz/ua: Universal Aggregator
This is a set of tools to aggregate all your information into your maildir. Each tool can be used separately ; you can find a more complete description in their respective folder.
maildir  aggregation  rss 
september 2017 by bezthomas

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