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Ethiopia internet disruption enters fourth day
"'Ethiopia remains offline for a fourth day, the current disruption in its third consecutive day, in an apparent bid to stop cheating during secondary school final exams — some 12% of connectivity has been left working;' NetBlocks said in a statement on Friday. The shutdown of Thursday was not restored even temporarily as was the case on Tuesday and Wednesday. The NetBlocks report also shows that a 2% increase has been made on the available level of connection. Meanwhile, authorities have yet to comment on the situation while the BBC is reporting that Ethio Telecom – the telecom monopoly, said it did not have a mandate to comment on the outages...As of today, SMS service is also out the BBC has confirmed." - Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban, Africanews
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The Role of the Decolonization Committee
United Nations Organization in the Struggle Against Portuguese Colonialism in Africa: 1961-1974
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African Vernacular Architecture
"To promote and discuss the importance and beauty of African vernacular architecture"
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Sudan internet blackout forces battered protesters to rethink
"The Sudanese authorities have extended an internet blackout into a second week, forcing citizens in Khartoum to find new ways to communicate as a bloodied protest movement regroups after a brutal crackdown. Last week, after government soldiers stormed the protesters’ sit-in in central Khartoum and left more than 100 people dead, Sudan’s network operators Sudatel, Zain and MTN switched off mobile internet access for customers. Then on Monday fixed line internet services for most offices and houses were also cut, plunging the country into near complete data darkness. The blackout is the latest in a series of controversial disruptions to internet services in Africa this year, where authoritarian governments are increasingly leaning on telecoms firms to shutdown communications services to disarm opposition movements or hide rights violations...In Sudan’s nascent revolution, which began last December with demonstrations against former President Omar al Bashir’s 30-year rule, internet access was as central as a sit-in outside the defence ministry in Khartoum that grabbed international attention. Platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter were used widely to organise protests with hundreds of thousands of images and videos shared online despite regular disruptions to access. But a government militia known as the Rapid Support Forces cleared the sit-in with brutal force last week in a move that coincided with network disruptions that were followed by a full shutdown of mobile internet access." - Tom Wilson, Financial Times

+ "Sudan’s ongoing internet shutdown is a gross violation of human rights and should be lifted immediately, Human Rights Watch said today. Disruptions to access escalated over the past week and the country is now almost entirely cut off from the internet, after forces violently attacked and dispersed protesters. The authorities should immediately restore access to the internet. It is vital for emergency communications, including information from health care providers, and to access other basic information in times of crisis." - Human Rights Watch statement on the Sudan internet shutdown, issued today.
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