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Stanford's endowment
The endowment is actually a collection of more than 7,000 individual gifts from donors. These generous gifts are meant to support in perpetuity a wide range of university programs, including teaching and research, financial aid, facilities maintenance, athletics and many more. These programs enable the students and faculty of Stanford to weave a rich tapestry of scholarship and achievement. You can view the endowment as one of the most important threads that holds that tapestry together. The stronger the thread, the brighter and more ambitious Stanford’s tapestry can be. Almost all of the endowment gifts have specific, restricted uses that the university is legally obliged to observe.
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Exploring the utility of a SWOT analysis | Information and Learning Science | Ahead of Print
This paper aims to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the academic social networking,

SWOT analysis is performed to evaluate the platform.
Findings provides resources that enable scholars to heighten the impact and reach of their research within a digitally networked environment.

This is one of the first studies to evaluate the scholarly merits of
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På den første dag
Kirkens liturgi - Oldtid og Middelalder
Af Bent Flemming Nielsen
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College campuses are far from radical | The Outline
"If you have considerable time on your hands and wish to see just what kind of leftists run universities, go to the graduate school and propose unionizing Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and other itinerant quasi-employees. You’ll discover quickly that senior faculty — the same ones who can’t wait to show you their picture with Tom Hayden or some other talisman of progressive cred — turn into staunch capitalists in a hurry.

For the less adventurous, skip grad school and read up on the last two decades in which universities have been forced into the same “run it like a business” model that ruins every public good in this country. This is usually, if not exclusively, driven by GOP political appointees (as trustees) or vengeful GOP state legislative majorities looking to cut spending and score cheap political points with their constituents by showin’ them college boys the what-for.

Administrative bloat — the plague of Dean-lets with highly-paid, nebulous titles like “Associate Dean of Library Engagement” that materialize out of nowhere — is real, and decision-making has become increasingly autocratic. Higher ups push for short-term results like CEOs trying to juice a quarterly earnings report, long-term consequences be damned. “Consultants” making twice faculty salaries for a few weeks of work appear and disappear mysteriously. Constant campaigns for “retention” — a code word for keeping students enrolled and paying tuition at all costs — push faculty toward grade inflation and dumbing-down. Expenses (read: labor costs) are forever squeezed, and demonstrably inferior products like online courses taught by some adjunct paid $2000 per semester are offered to Student-Customers happy to have them so long as they’re easy. More money is spent on administration and less is spent on instruction.

Not quite the organizing principles of an egalitarian commune. Sounds more like the business model of any mundane corporation in America.

Which brings us to the creep of corporate money into every aspect of university research and administration in the 21st Century — a fact that deals the Campus Commies premise a fatal blow. Nothing says “leftist hotbed” quite like Department of Biology, a Proud Partner of Monsanto. The cause for alarm, in fact, is that the direction of university teaching and research increasingly is dictated by donations from politically motivated billionaires and big corporations. If you believe that billions in donations from the Koch Brothers, Silicon Valley tech billionaires, and petrochemical companies is turning campuses ultra-liberal, you are beyond help. I don’t think Marx listed “aligning with corporate interests” as the final ideological step toward communism. None of this is to suggest that professors as a group should be more or less liberal, or that universities should be run more or less like businesses with corporate partners. The point is simply to illustrate the stupidity of the caricature of universities, faculty, and students as a barely-controlled gang of wild-eyed leftists. Were any of the incessant accusations from the right about the Ivory Tower true, campuses would be very different places to work and study. It is a febrile fantasy peddled to people who really enjoy yelling about things they don’t understand and who believe Kevin Sorbo films are documentaries."
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RT : Challenge for tweeters:

Write a summarizing your current research. Here's mine.

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RT : Challenge for tweeters:

Write a summarizing your current research. Here's mine.

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