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Graham Lyons | Everything You Need To Know About Networking On AWS
The following is an in-exhaustive run down of everything I’ve learnt from building and using network infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. If you find you have no reference point for this information then have a poke around the “VPC” section of the AWS control panel (or get in touch to tell me I’m talking nonsense).
Missing Nacls, but good intro
networking  aws 
4 hours ago by beajeanm
Best AWS Alternatives 2018-2019 for Unbeatable Prices and Quality - MyTipsHub
Alternatives to AWS EC2 cloud computing platform - easier options - Vultr, Cloudways - 2018-11-12
review  cloud  ec2  AWS 
7 hours ago by wellsa
Create Your First Amazon EC2 Instance in Windows - YouTube
Video showing how to create a Windows Server on EC2 - 2018-11-12
AWS  ec2  training  help 
8 hours ago by wellsa
How to increase the speed of your AWS Lambda continuous deployment builds
A Cloud Guru — How to increase speed of your AWS Lambda continuous deployment builds. Parallelize Maven builds, make them reproducible, & crank volume to 11 using Docker for dependency resolution.
8 hours ago by kaliatech
Uploading Large Payloads through API Gateway
signed url uploads to s3

API Gateway supports a reasonable payload size limit of 10MB. One way to work within this limit, but still offer a means of importing large datasets to your backend, is to allow uploads through S3. This article shows how to use AWS Lambda to expose an S3 signed URL in response to an API Gateway request. Effectively, this allows you to expose a mechanism allowing users to securely upload data directly to S3, triggered by the API Gateway.
aws  coding  uploads  s3 
12 hours ago by willpatera

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