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(164) How to add channels speakers to a receiver amplifier for Dolby atmos DTS X av receiver hack! - YouTube
How to add channels speakers to a receiver amplifier for Dolby atmos DTS X av receiver hack
integrated  amp  -  add  channels  speakers  a  receiver  amplifier  for  Dolby  atmos  DTS  X  av  hack 
5 days ago by kilroy2
(164) A First Look at the new Onkyo TX NR696 5.1.2 AV Receiver - YouTube
A First Look at the new Onkyo TX NR696 5.1.2 AV Receiver
A  First  Look  at  the  new  Onkyo  TX  NR696  5.1.2  AV  Receiver  4th++ 
7 days ago by kilroy2
Added, nay, *appended* all the ‘ for ’-related links I could find to the doc:…
CollabNotes  AV  Python  from twitter
4 weeks ago by verwinv
Netflix is ending support for old devices from Samsung, Roku, and Vizio in December
Smart TVs are a mistake. I’ve never liked the idea of relying on a crappy computer built in to an expensive TV, when you could get a much more capable box like a Roku or Apple TV that is external and replacable every few years. On top of that not connecting your TV to the internet means the manufacturer can’t sell your viewing habits and history.
rants  av 
5 weeks ago by taylorjadin

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