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Top story: Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets Market 2018-2026: Growth Rate, Players, Regions, Oppor…
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Top story: : 'New artist just launched in Beat Saber! We are so excited to bring you…
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All At Once | Studio TheGreenEyl
Using augmented reality (AR), viewers become empowered to walk themselves through important aspects of the collection. They can scan any artifact of the grid and a digital layer immediately shows different connections between the artworks in a dynamic way. For example, the AR layer can show all artworks from a specific year, independently of its geographical origins. Or it can show all the works of a particular artist throughout the collection. Viewers can follow curated storylines around topics such as race, gender, provenance on virtual pathlines and walk through these stories in the physical space.
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Top story: Cochran elementary introduces Kentucky's first-ever virtual reality lab…
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