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REST APIs must be hypertext-driven » Untangled
Roy Fielding on some wrongs of supposed RESTful APIs.
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11 hours ago by devilgate
How to create an API style guide, and why - Tyk API Gateway and API Management - How to create an API style guide, and why
James, again "Many API programs begin as a single API. Over time, more APIs emerge across the company. Consistency for your API consumers – whether they are internal, partners, or public developers – is an important component of a great developer experience. A common design approach makes integration more intuitive and can reduce troubleshooting and support cost.

However, style guides often bring with it the need for centralised governance and migration paths for existing APIs that do not meet guide recommendations. How do you balance all of these concerns, without strict enforcement and negative consequences for API consumers?

In this article, I’ll share some details about what makes a great API style guide, how to avoid the one-size-fits-all mistake, and some techniques some of my clients are using to drive toward consistency without requiring unnecessary governance processes.

apis  design  style  styleguide  guides 
2 days ago by earth2marsh
REST vs. GraphQL: Critical Review - Speaker Deck
GraphQL has made an excellent entree on the API scene. It is reintroducing the original concepts of RPC-style architecture with a revolutionary API consumer-oriented approach. It brought a new option to the stalled waters of RESTful APIs.
apis  apis-design  apis-graphql  audio  presentation 
3 days ago by AnthonyBaker
5 things you need to fix in your API documentation - Osaango - Open the right doors using APIs!
maybe only 3 things? but decent "1. What does your API do?

This should be obvious from the first title and sentence on your API documentation. And for each endpoint. Make sure it’s written for your target audience. The worst I’ve seen is “Search API: Search API is used to do searches”. Ok, but to search what? Why? Are there limitations or special combinations? If it’s an API in a developer portal containing public, partner and private APIs then who is this API for? Or could it you open it for everyone? This is something you would need to think about already when designing the API.

Wrong purpose, terrible API - Arnaud Lauret, API Handyman, NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2018

This is also the starting point in the creative-commons licensed APIOps CyclesTM -method http://www.apiopscycles.com for API development. It all starts from the API Value Proposition.

2. Stop with the sequence diagrams, explain your product"
developer  experience  apis  portals 
12 days ago by earth2marsh
Do we need API management? - Osaango - Open the right doors using APIs!

"This question is a constant topic in water coolers of every IT department and to save everyone some headache we fashioned this survey to help you.

Every time you answer "Yes" give your self a point.

Answer questions and score your answers"
apis  management  apim  quiz 
12 days ago by earth2marsh
ChromeCast HTTP APIs
similar to the Google Home hackable APIs, it seems Chromecasts are easily hacked/scripted with no auth
auth  http  apis  security  chromecast  google 
13 days ago by jm

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