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Rund 30.000 Geflüchtete arbeitslos - Wiener Zeitung
Die Arbeitsmarktintegration klappt besser als in den optimistischen Szenarien aus 2015 - doch über den langfristigen Erfolg der Integration lassen sich noch kaum Aussagen treffen.
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july 2019 by Heinz-A
CIO aan het woord: Sjoerd Blüm
The only assignment I have is to ensure that my teams get the job done. It is an illusion that I can or should be hooked one-on-one. My task is to put a point on the horizon where all those people move with their knowledge and skills and then ensure that there is an optimal setting where they can function.
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july 2019 by cote - The "What Is...?" column
"I very much enjoy reading the "What Is...?" column in the Notices of the AMS. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no index to this column. I have therefore created this one in the hope that it might be helpful to others as well."
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may 2019 by arsyed
Did you know Optics integrates data from Machinery Manager, Device Manager, and Plantweb Insight to…
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march 2019 by aaroncrews
Brexit Latest: More Cash Is Leaving London as Government Bickers - Bloomberg
While the banks have mostly chosen Frankfurt, the trading venues and the algorithmic traders that provide much of their volumes have mostly gone to Amsterdam. Trading venues need to be physically in the EU to guarantee that firms based in the trading bloc can access them after March 29.
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january 2019 by yorksranter

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