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Chinese umbrella-sharing startup loses most of its 300,000 umbrellas in three months - The Verge
The sharing economy has made it easier for communities to peer exchange anything from a spare bedroom in your house to car rides and bicycles. But the model doesn’t work for everything, as one umbrella-sharing startup learned the hard way. Just under three months after launch, China-based E Umbrella has reportedly lost almost all of its 300,000 umbrellas available to rent across 11 Chinese cities.
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yesterday by dancall
In China, shared napping pods startup forced to close
The latest tech craze in China involves sharing. Shared bikes, umbrellas, basketballs, all available in a few clicks of an app. But these startup businesses are quickly running into major trouble – like the bike-sharing app that got 90 percent of its bikes stolen, and the umbrella-sharing service that saw nearly all its 300,000 umbrellas vanish into thin air.

And now another sharing service in China is going through its own nightmare – a napping pod startup has been forced to close because it failed to get the relevant permits.
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yesterday by dancall
Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain Town? | Outside Online
From Barcelona to Boston, the world has been grappling with the ­arrival of home-sharing platforms. Amid any number of skirmishes—neighbor against neighbor, tourist against townie, lobbyist against legislator—cities have scrambled to get a handle on this “wild west” (one of the most common descriptors of the new home-rental landscape) and rushed to enact regulations.

3 days ago by maoxian
Airbnb AR Map Concept by Isil Uzum - Dribbble
I wanted to explore some new features to improve the Airbnb experience for both hosts and guests. Given the ever increasing possibilities of augmented reality and new technologies like Google's Tango, Apple's AR kit, combined with geotagging, I thought guests could pin any hard to find object/area and also attach videos/images in augmented reality, instead of writing letters on paper to explain where to find/how to use things.
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6 days ago by Shoord
How Airbnb uses AI to get you into other people's homes | VentureBeat | AI | by Khari Johnson
More than 100 signals are used to determine the search results you see, then machine learning is used to give those signals weight.

Airbnb began using AI to pair hosts and guests back in 2014. Today, all search results are personalized.
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7 days ago by whimsley

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