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How Robots May Make Radiologists’ Jobs Easier, Not Redundant - WSJ
The title pretty much says it all. Good example of a "the sky isn't falling" point of view.
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The Athena Learning Center of College Station Daily
The Athena Learning Center of College Station Daily is out! Stories via
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Picks for Today!
The latest Picks for Today!!
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Ada — Support automation made simple
We make automating and scaling your customer support simple. With chatbots powered by AI, you can provide instant support to your customers.
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So many researchers & students who reached out to me who’re starting to research ethics in design, & algor…
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This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke - MIT Technology Review
If this works as advertised this is pretty damn amazing. But mostly, it's a good example of how narrow AI (or "little AI", as I enjoy calling it) reaches more and more into niches: Lots of narrowly trained neural networks doing one job, and one job only. And no niche is too small, because it gets easier and cheaper to train the networks every day! (We'll see lots of failure, too, because this democratization means that we'll see a lot of shitty machine learning, too; shitty both in implementation because of bad training data, and in intent.)

As an aside, this article also points in an interesting direction to make black box neural networks more understandable by complementing and contrasting their results with (more understandable and straightforward) algorithms.
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yesterday by thewavingcat
Deep Learning is Eating Software « Pete Warden's blog
Instead of writing and maintaining intricate, layered tangles of logic, the developer has to become a teacher, a curator of training data and an analyst of results. This is very, very different than the programming I was taught in school, but what gets me most excited is that it should be far more accessible than traditional coding, once the tooling catches up.
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