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Microsoft Bot Framework
Your users talk in many places; your bot should too. Azure Bot Service can be integrated across multiple channels to increase interactions and reach more customers using your website or app to email, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, text/SMS, Twilio, Cortana, and Skype for Business.
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RT : What development trends should we expect in 2018? Apart from and , security will have the bigges…
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RT : Algorithmic Impact Assessments - a structured approach to accountability. Could be implemented in
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Feature Labs launches out of MIT to accelerate the development of machine learning algorithms
Feature Labs, a startup with roots in research begun at MIT, officially launched today with a set of tools to help data scientists build machine learning algorithms more quickly.
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With $10M in funding, Mabl brings machine learning to software testing
As long as the service can somehow identify that button, for example, it’ll perform the same test, even if you are experimenting with a new user interface and move it to a new position on your page.
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Lighthouse is taking on Amazon and Nest with its new AI-powered security camera
The duo shifted away from using infrared to 3D sensors that could do depth detection and gather the type of data necessary for object and facial recognition.
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Molly wants to use your online presence to create an automated knowledge base
Eventually this information can be made available via an Alexa skill or a chatbot, so you could theoretically ask “I want to have dinner with Kylie tonight, pick a restaurant we both haven’t been to, but one our individual preferences suggest we’ll both like”. If an automated database can remove the legwork of answering these basic questions (that already have an answer if you just know where to look), more time can be spent on actually interacting and spending time with one another.
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A Global Optimization Algorithm Worth Using | dlib C++ Library
I've found,as this article suggests, that optimizing machine learning algorithms is an unpredictable and frustrating task. Here's a function that creates much better educated guesses, in far less time than many other methods.
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Looking ahead – what jobs will technology take away? - by @vijaysansakarv
"There are several jobs where the job needs very little original thinking. The critical thinking is done by few people who designed the workflow, and not by people executing. This would include things like preparing fast food, paying invoices, checking totals, scanning documents etc. These jobs are generally at risk given they are easily automated – and probably the only reason they are still around is because of the one time cost of implementing new technology. Given all tech will eventually commoditize, this is only a temporary safety net."
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What's most striking about this otherwise very useful account of the security risks associated with is the numb…
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