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VisiCalc Executable for the IBM PC
The original VisiCalc program that ran on the IBM PC in 1981 still runs on today's PCs. I have included it here, with the kind permission of Lotus who now owns the copyright, for people to try themselves. You can download it to your PC and run it under Windows or DOS. It is only 27,520 bytes long (smaller than many GIFs and JPGs on the web).

This version of the program is very similar to the original VisiCalc that first came out on the Apple II in 1979. It has a few extra features: a "Home" key, support for four arrow keys, a few extra commands including /E for editing the contents of a cell, and upper and lower case letters. This version was for DOS 1.0, which did not have directories, so it can only access files in the current directory. The original version as shipped had copy protection. This one does not, though it is still covered by a license agreement.

Remember: To quit, use "/SQY" (Storage, Quit, Yes).
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2 days ago by W6AZ
Apple is America’s richest company that isn’t a bank, with nearly $250 billion in cash - Vox
Explains the massive profits produced by Apple & Google. No mention of the possibility of them funding basic science research or other nonprofit activity.
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28 days ago by W6AZ
VisiCalc and Apple (AAPL): Steve Jobs said that the spreadsheet was key to Apple's early success — Quartz
Today (Oct. 17) is International Spreadsheet Day, marking the day back in 1979 that VisiCalc first shipped for the Apple II. Creator Dan Bricklin devised the program originally to help him crunch numbers for an assignment at Harvard Business School. The powerful, flexible tool made it as easy to sort simple lists as to run complex calculations across hundreds of cells. Financial analysts immediately saw the appeal of the program when it went on sale.

And for two years, you could only run it on the Apple II.

“We’ve heard of several cases in which Apple II computers have been purchased for the express purpose of running VisiCalc,” went an article in InfoWorld in 1980. It was, in a sense, the computing era’s first killer app. Apple’s machine became a sensation because of it.
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6 weeks ago by W6AZ
Untitled (http://cnbc.com/id/104775681)
SCOOP: Apple is considering a move into primary care, and was deep in talks to buy Crossover Health
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Silicon Valley
apple chip design efforts
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Apple Music's Long Game: Why Jimmy Iovine Thinks They're 'Not Even Close' to Success With Streaming | Billboard
"On Friday nights, Q-Tip has a broadcast that is just extraordinary, mind-blowing. We have to market that." - Jimmy Iovine
I like Q-tip and I like extraordinary, mind-blowing things, so I went to try to find this ... and then I gave up. The problem of course is that Q-tip has a "broadcast", which is apparently only available if I have Apple Music and tune in on Friday night.
The irony of the world's biggest tech company clinging to the limits of 100yr old technology is thick. The stupidity in thinking that attracting people to listen to Q-tip's show is a marketing problem may be thicker.
Subscription streaming is taking off for the explicit reason that it eliminates friction in consumption. Artificially forcing friction back onto consumers in some vein attempt to inject "soul" comes across as old people clinging to old ideas, in our view (and I'm old). Apple has many incredibly successful and incredibly talented people working at Apple Music and the service has done well. But, if it hopes to break out of being a raw commodity, it should focus even more on the freedom enabled by internet distribution, rather than clinging to the past.
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Das passiert, wenn ein neues Apple-Produkt mit Fehlern ausgeliefert wird.
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