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Apple execs vying for original movie, TV deals | New York Post
There is a fundamental conflict in the business models of a studio and a hardware seller that makes Apple buying a studio illogical. That doesn't mean it isn't possible, since Apple doesn't seem to know what it's doing in video. But, it doesn't mean that it's a bad idea, in our view.
The film/TV production model is optimized by maximizing distribution across as many channels as possible. Apple's existing model demands exclusive features to differentiate it from Android (or Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV on the television). If you take the output of any single studio and make it exclusive to Apple devices, then you cut the addressable market by more than half and impair the studio model. At the same time, it's quite unlikely that the output of any studio (with the possible exception of Disney) would be meaningful enough to consumers to drive incremental volume of iPhone units that would offset the shrunken sales on the studio side (especially since films often rely on the buzz that comes from broad distribution). On the flip-side, if Apple bought a studio and didn't make it exclusive, or simply did cross-promos or windows of exclusivity, then there's no benefit to either business. Those deals could be done in partnerships, and Apple would be better off doing them across studios so that it isn't wholly reliant on the quality of the output of its owned production.
If Apple wants to be real in video, it should buy Netflix or start a vMVPD. For a company of its size, anything else is likely to be a waste of time and money.
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Don't fall for Silicon Valley's hubris—our technological future is more fragile than we think — Quartz
[With an aerial photo of the new Apple building, gigantic compared to everything else in Silicon Valley.]

Lompico is the rough jewel of Santa Cruz, California—high in the mountains and deep in the redwood forest, population 1,140. Weather providing, it takes less than an hour to get here from Silicon Valley, where technologists are hard at work designing our brave new world.

But heavy rains have made the valley barely accessible to Lompico residents like me this winter. Road closures are common in Lompico, caused by mudslides, fallen trees, and rising waters. California governor Jerry Brown requested federal disaster relief funds on Feb. 11 for this and other nearby counties, estimating damage at $162 million.
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