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Apple Orders Animated Comedy ‘Central Park’ From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creator – Variety
The scale of Apple's production commitments in video has become quite significant. The distribution strategy remains unclear. However, based on the volume and quality of its projects and conversations with industry participants, we believe a direct-to-consumer subscription service is the most likely (as opposed to including the video content with Apple Music subscriptions). Unfortunately, without pricing or packaging, this does little to narrow the range of impact the service could have on the industry.
What seems likely is that it will be modest to begin with, at least on the scale of Netflix and Amazon, and will hope to play catchup over time. That is a gamble in our view. The video market is hugely competitive and Apple's strong share of high-end smartphones may not provide a meaningful benefit to a service based around the TV screen. Getting people to watch Apple's shows will therefore likely require luck with an extraordinary hit, or a heavy dose of marketing and commitment to several years of losses.
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6 days ago by shrinkingbundle
Concerning Steve Wozniak’s Blue Boxes – 512 Pixels
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were a part of this scene, as I recently discussed with Kristen Gallerneaux, Curator of Communications and Information Technology at The Henry Ford Museum.

The Museum recently added a Blue Box built by Woz to their impressive collection,so I thought it’d be a fun chance to look at part of the pre-Apple relationship between these two men, and what this little device could do.

Stephen: I think there’s a perception that Wozniak and Jobs invented the Blue Box, but that’s not true, is it?

Kristen: The first blue box wasn’t made by Wozniak, but by Robert Barclay, in 1960. But if you’ll humor me for a minute, the central concept behind the blue box-finding ways to circumvent telephone operators-really comes down to the broad idea of automation in the telephone network, which pre-dates the blue box by at least 80 years.
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12 days ago by W6AZ
The “A” word – Coyote Tracks - for audiophile
In the wake of Apple’s HomePod release, I’ve seen talk about whether it is or isn’t an “audiophile” speaker. A Reddit post went through an inordinate number of tests to argue that yes, in fact, it is; Chris Connaker of The Computer Audiophile goes into great golden ear detail to call bullshit.1
First off, let’s address the snake oil in the room. There’s a decades-long debate in audio circles between “objective” (if you can’t measure a difference, you can’t hear a difference) and “subjective” (measurements don’t capture everything you can hear in terms of sound quality). While I lean toward the objectivist side, the subjectivists aren’t intrinsically bananas; it’s not hard to find audio components—particularly speakers—with similar measurements that still produce different sound.
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12 days ago by W6AZ
Technology Dogmatism – Colin Devroe
Are you dogmatic about the companies you will buy technology from? Are you an Apple fanboi? Or, perhaps you’ll only run Windows and Apple sucks at everything because reasons.

I try not to be that guy. I try to look at the entire field of offerings in every category; hardware, software, cloud services, home entertainment and make purchases that reflect my needs and wants rather than be dogmatic.
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4 weeks ago by W6AZ
Apple Developing Series Based on NBA Star Kevin Durant – Variety
Apple is making big moves in video. It appears to be spending hundreds of millions developing TV shows, purchased the famed Culver Studios, hired several notable executives ... and still has no obvious strategy. If it's trying to build a stand-alone service, it is vastly sub-scale and doesn't seem to be moving at a pace that would allow it to catch up. If it's trying to use video as a differentiator for Apple Music, what is the ROI promoting a service with such low gross margins? Maybe it will offer it's shows exclusive on iPhones? Or, maybe this has become a vanity project from a company with a lot more money than good ideas about what to do with it, which would explain why they landed a series about a star on Eddy Cue's favorite basketball team.
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4 weeks ago by shrinkingbundle
Horace Dediu on Twitter
The most invaluable guide to #AAPL Q1 results that's available to everyone. 👏🏻
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5 weeks ago by shehab
The iOS Economy, Updated | Asymco
In its latest update on the App Store Apple reported that iOS developers earned $26.5 billion in 2017. A year ago the figure was $20 billion. The growth rate is then about 33%. The cumulative payments to developers can be calculated as $86.5 billion. This amount was generated in a span of less than 10 years, with the first billion paid by June 2010.
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7 weeks ago by euler
Apple Says Apps Must Now Disclose Odds For Loot Boxes
Loot boxes have always been common in the world of app gaming, but after a year full of controversy with titles such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 they have received heightened attention. Apple’s move is the first of what may be many steps that game publishers and distributors voluntarily take in an attempt to avoid regulation from outside bodies.
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12 weeks ago by shrinkingbundle
VisiCalc Executable for the IBM PC
The original VisiCalc program that ran on the IBM PC in 1981 still runs on today's PCs. I have included it here, with the kind permission of Lotus who now owns the copyright, for people to try themselves. You can download it to your PC and run it under Windows or DOS. It is only 27,520 bytes long (smaller than many GIFs and JPGs on the web).

This version of the program is very similar to the original VisiCalc that first came out on the Apple II in 1979. It has a few extra features: a "Home" key, support for four arrow keys, a few extra commands including /E for editing the contents of a cell, and upper and lower case letters. This version was for DOS 1.0, which did not have directories, so it can only access files in the current directory. The original version as shipped had copy protection. This one does not, though it is still covered by a license agreement.

Remember: To quit, use "/SQY" (Storage, Quit, Yes).
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december 2017 by W6AZ
Apple is America’s richest company that isn’t a bank, with nearly $250 billion in cash - Vox
Explains the massive profits produced by Apple & Google. No mention of the possibility of them funding basic science research or other nonprofit activity.
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november 2017 by W6AZ

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