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SCOOP: Apple is considering a move into primary care, and was deep in talks to buy Crossover Health
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3 days ago by peterood
Silicon Valley
apple chip design efforts
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16 days ago by phakim
Apple Music's Long Game: Why Jimmy Iovine Thinks They're 'Not Even Close' to Success With Streaming | Billboard
"On Friday nights, Q-Tip has a broadcast that is just extraordinary, mind-blowing. We have to market that." - Jimmy Iovine
I like Q-tip and I like extraordinary, mind-blowing things, so I went to try to find this ... and then I gave up. The problem of course is that Q-tip has a "broadcast", which is apparently only available if I have Apple Music and tune in on Friday night.
The irony of the world's biggest tech company clinging to the limits of 100yr old technology is thick. The stupidity in thinking that attracting people to listen to Q-tip's show is a marketing problem may be thicker.
Subscription streaming is taking off for the explicit reason that it eliminates friction in consumption. Artificially forcing friction back onto consumers in some vein attempt to inject "soul" comes across as old people clinging to old ideas, in our view (and I'm old). Apple has many incredibly successful and incredibly talented people working at Apple Music and the service has done well. But, if it hopes to break out of being a raw commodity, it should focus even more on the freedom enabled by internet distribution, rather than clinging to the past.
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20 days ago by shrinkingbundle
Das passiert, wenn ein neues Apple-Produkt mit Fehlern ausgeliefert wird.
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28 days ago by maxwallefeld
Why Roku's IPO Will Be Worth Watching
- average revenue per user, has been on the move as well: From $3.80 in 1Q 2014 to $11.22 in 2Q 2017
- the never-ending cycle of television upgrades—from HD to 3D and 4K—will feed the need for steady hardware sales.

- Glenn Hower, senior analyst at Parks Associates, notes "Roku emerged early as a US market leader for streaming media players, and the company has held firmly to that position."

- A feat made more impressive by the size and resource disparities in play. For instance, according to the PitchBook Platform, Roku has raised a little more than $208 million in VC funding since its 2002
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5 weeks ago by hellsten
With a $1k Price, Apple’s iPhone Crosses a Threshold | Hacker News
Not excusing the price, but people these days spend multiple hours a day on their phones. Phones are as important as cars for example. How high prices can go ? Even higher imo
People are ready to pay for expensive cars for a better experience and higher "social standing". Phones are not that different in this regard
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5 weeks ago by hellsten
Apple Sets Sights on Original Content - eMarketer
There are two approaches Apple could take to video: one would be to create exclusive content that helps differentiate its devices and Apple Music; the other would be to build a video business as a unique and somewhat distinct growth driver from its existing hardware business. Each approach has meaningfully different optimum tactics, and would likely have vastly different impacts to the broader environment.
At this point, Apple's efforts suggest it is pursuing the first option. Achieving the goal of differentiation requires only that the company create enough content that consumers view it as adding some minimal amount of value to the overall experience. In other words, the optimal investment in content would be the minimal amount necessary to prevent consumers from switching to Android phones or to Spotify. $1B would be a reasonable starting point to achieve this in our view. However, total time spent with Apple content, and therefore the competitive impact to other services like Netflix and Amazon would likely be fairly small.
If the company chooses to alter its path and build a video business as a distinct growth driver (or if we are mis-reading its intentions), then a significantly larger investment in content would be required to drive massive adoption and build a profitable business over time. This strategy would also likely require global distribution on a variety of non-Apple platforms. In this case, creating the business from scratch would be extremely difficult, time consuming, and expensive given the strong position of incumbents. Rather than struggling through a purely organic approach, we believe an acquisition would be the best way to pursue the goal of becoming a leading global player in direct-to-consumer video.
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8 weeks ago by shrinkingbundle
Amazon's AWS Still King of IaaS Despite Microsoft's Surging Numbers
Microsoft reported a cloud run-rate of $18.9 billion during the fourth quarter of 2017, up 56.2% from $12.1 billion a year ago. Amazon Web Services reported $4.1 billion during the recent quarter, up 42% from $2.886 billion a year ago.
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10 weeks ago by activescott

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