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CodeZen – Zenify your Source Code
Generate shareable and elegant image from your source code. You can customize the image through bunch of options like themes, fonts etc.
generator  code  presentation  programming  tools  @code  @sharing  @tools  color  image 
3 hours ago by speckz
CLI: improved
Improve your CLI experience
@tools  @developer  bash  cli 
22 hours ago by stott
A Beautifully Productive Terminal Experience
How to use iTerm 2, Zsh, Prezto, Tmux and Tmuxinator to create a productive work env on a mac
@tools  @developer  bash  tmux  zsh 
yesterday by stott
🍰 Everthing can be RSS
data  rss  ifttt  github  @converting  @rss  @tools  @web  feed  feedly 
17 days ago by speckz
Google, but for colors.
@developer  @tools  colour  design 
22 days ago by stott

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