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Systems We Love
Do you become unusually fascinated by the inner workings of systems? Do you become uncontrollably intrigued when systems fail? If so, you might suffer from a love of systems, an affliction whose symptoms can include arcane bedside reading, hard-to-explain demos and befuddled family members. If you are a systems lover — or think you might be one — we would like to invite you to Systems We Love, a one-day single-track gathering on December 13th in San Francisco.
systems-programming  talks  @to_watch  videos 
february 2017 by silentbicycle
Contextual Electronics - YouTube
A short introduction for Contextual Electronics, meant to be shown on the front page of ContextualElectronics.com
@to_watch  electronics  tutorials 
june 2016 by silentbicycle
Joanna Rutkowska: Towards (reasonably) trustworthy x86 laptops - YouTube
Can we build trustworthy client systems on x86 hardware? What are the main challenges? What can we do about them, realistically? Is there anything we can? Jo...
hardware  architecture  @to_watch  x86  laptops  security 
june 2016 by silentbicycle
Improving Clojure's Error Messages with Grammars - Colin Fleming - YouTube
One of the most frequent complaints from new users of Clojure is the error messages. But many of the error messages that users are faced with are not actuall...
clojure  error_handling  errors  grammars  @to_watch 
january 2016 by silentbicycle
Eyeo 2015 - Ramsey Nasser in Eyeo Festival 2015 on Vimeo
cussin, hatin' on C++, and talks about the future of programming languages.

A++++++ talk by at
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july 2015 by silentbicycle

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